Fan report: Connor Cochran is “trying to hipcheck Peter Beagle out of his own life and legacy like some self righteous cuckoo.”

When Peter Beagle sued his ex manager Connor Cochran, many fans were confused. For many years, they were misled to trust that he was in good hands. Cochran used emotional ploys to exploit their trust and take over Peter’s career, with false promises about rescuing him from bad business deals. The truth is that a predator pushed out others to take their place.

Now Cochran is trying to push out Peter himself to profit from his work.  This update brings hindsight to help understand the betrayal.

Good news for Peter, and continuing deception by Cochran and Conlan Press:

Peter just announced a new novel.  A friendly movie producer who had worked on remaking The Last Unicorn commented on the announcement:

“Connor was the reason why I withdrew. Now you see what happened and I am happy to support your case. BTW his claim about ITC is utter nonsense. They are even distancing themselves from him now.” – (Michael)

This is the producer who got Christopher Lee on board for a remake so many years ago – which will never happen because of Cochran’s greedy destruction against Peter’s career and legacy.

Betrayal is the perfect word for Cochran’s sales of Peter’s work to fund legal attacks against him. It’s being hidden so fans won’t know what they’re paying for:

Scamming against customers continues in April/May 2016:

  • “will the goods ordered during the @LastUnicornTour in March 2015, ever ship?? My emails go unanswered and I’m still waiting” – (@Besweets2u)
  • “Ohh I thought those update emails from Conlan Press about why the book I preordered wouldn’t be signed seemed scammy” – (@MlleLorelei)
  • Conlan Press took my money and still has not sent me the book I preordered. I thought it seemed sketchy. Ugh.” – (@EMJacke12)
  • “i sent you several mails about my order but got no reply” – (@dofain)
  • Emailing Conlan Press repeatedly and sending their Facebook page messages is getting me nowhere.” – (pavoniata)
  • “Is there any way to buy The Last Unicorn without supporting Conlan Press but still support Beagle?” – (Reddit)
  • “DO NOT BUY IT FROM CONLAN PRESS. They scum.”  – (@blunderbussed)

Hindsight about the betrayal.

Con artists are skilled at manipulating trust. Remember that “normal people don’t act this way“. Let’s go back to when Cochran began with Peter.  This fan report nails it:

“i met this guy in Dallas in 2007 and something felt really skeevy about the whole affair. i tried to ignore it because peter was so happy about having more control over his IP but i did not like cochran or the way he insinuated himself into the Peter S Beagle Phenomenon, casting himself as the white knight. in the newsletters i would read about PSB sleeping at fans’ houses between tour evens and it seemed awfully fucked up, he’s an elderly dude and that can’t be good for him.

a few months after the newsletters stopped, i found out why: it developed into full blown elder abuse and the motherfucker is full-on trying to hipcheck peter s beagle out of his own life and legacy like some self-righteous cuckoo.

good luck, cochran, proving that peter is senile and frail and confused and that’s why you need to be in charge of his finances and work him 14 hours a day doing signings and appearances and make him sleep on fucking couches and take his money–you were trying to take real good care of a helpless oldster. douche.

beagle is sharp as a tack, he’s just very trusting. you told me so yourself in your own goddamn words, saying how naive beagle is about trusting people and letting them control his money and getting ripped off, and how you were here to stop that from ever happening again.

where did that go, cochran?

i remember this vividly, because that was the weekend i got to meet peter s beagle, my fucking fantasy hero since i was a little kid. and some guy, his new business partner. didn’t like that guy. now i know why.”

The betrayal has been building since Cochran met Peter, but the roots are deeper. Let’s go all the way back. Here’s a story from 2006 told by 51-year-old Cochran, who fondly remembers doing petty crime as a 14 year old boy. This is very meaningful.

In his own words, Cochran boasts about “stealing Beagle”.

Stealing Beagle – by Connor Cochran:

“Childhood is not generally known as a time of precise ethical definitions… I was not precisely a shoplifter, then, but more of a shopswapper. A one-boy tribute to the flexibility of personal definitions… I only stole one book in my entire life: the 1969 Ballantine Adult Fantasy paperback edition of The Last Unicorn. And I got caught… The store manager nailed me not four feet past the front door. Nimble of finger? Not so much anymore, apparently. But nimble of tongue? A different story. I spun out a line of bullshit so completely bland and affect-less and perfectly honed that this poor fellow realized that he didn’t have me: I had him. He simply could not prove that the copy of The Last Unicorn in my pocket hadn’t been tucked away there before I even entered his establishment.”

Ewwww... (Actually he stole plenty more – ask cheated fans and publishers who had to sue him.)  There can’t possibly be enough emphasis on this:

“I spun out a line of bullshit so completely bland and affect-less and perfectly honed that this poor fellow realized that he didn’t have me: I had him.”

Notice a pattern? And notice something important missing?  There’s not a shred of empathy about the shopkeeper he ripped off.  Boasting about his cunning tricks to get away with it is glorifying what he did as a young person against an older one. He’s proud of this. (It pales in comparison to seizing an elder’s entire legacy.)

This cracks open the core of Cochran’s personality, showing the missing piece in his brain.  Cold, calculating, sociopathic greed didn’t arrive full blown one day – it bloomed and festered over a lifetime. Cochran took pleasure from this as a child, and it’s what he does now as a 61-year-old scammer.

Of course, he’ll protest that it was a youthful phase and it’s crazy to dig up something so old. But he’s the one who dug it up to brag. So here’s a supporting detail about his own words: Teenaged Connor also earned the name “Talky Li’l Blaggard” from adults he sought to impress. (See this fanzine.)

Cochran never grew out of this. He spent his life practicing scummy manipulation. See extensive evidence on this site that he consistently deflects people with a “bland affectless line of bullshit”. If that doesn’t work, he flips the role of victim and victimized: “he didn’t have me: I had him.” It describes everything he does to excuse petty rip offs against fans, to game the court system, and the diversions and smokescreens against people suing him.

Storytellers have imagination. Teachers have heart. Crafters have skilled hands. Cochran has a lying tongue. Stealing Beagle could be the title of his life’s memoir.

“Saving” Peter.

Cochran began deceiving fans by soliciting donations to Peter (actually to pay Conlan Press, a for-profit BUSINESS solely owned by Cochran).  It was here for many years:  A 2005 fan notice said:

“I’m a huge Beagle fan, and I certainly want him to receive the recognition and recompense he deserves for his work; still, the page feels manipulative to me, and more like an emotional appeal than a factual discussion.” – (Jed)

Now his page is not only deleted, but caches of it are scrubbed away. It’s interesting how a company supposedly in the business of promotion has intentionally hidden the history of their key work for their sole source of income.

Other pleas spread widely:

In 2011, the File 770 blog gave background with a hopeful but futile title:  “Peter Beagle Getting Paid”.  It has familiar names: Charles Petit is called Peter’s lawyer (4 years after losing his license for fraud).  Richard Mooney was lawyer to help Cochran get Last Unicorn movie rights – he now represents Cochran to attack Peter.

Sympathy ploys didn’t work on everyone. This fan had a crystal ball in 2006:

“I’m pretty convinced that Connor Cochran is a fake. Why would Peter Beagle’s business manager be posting on a random fansite like this? Why can’t Beagle speak for himself? Why is it continually, ‘Peter says this,’ ‘Peter likes this’? The guy is a con artist… He asks for donations to help Beagle, but the mailing address and Paypal account both go to him. Why isn’t the money going directly to Beagle? I wouldn’t believe a word he says”. – (Leah)

It’s very important to remember that spreading the sympathy ploy was Connor Cochran’s only income. Every time he claims credit for Peter’s career and boasts of some accomplishment… remember that he positioned himself on the receiving end.  Any benefit to Peter only trickled down with little to no accountability.  There was nothing but Peter’s work funding his own living, house and vacations and dinners and shmoozing with Hollywood producers.  While “professional ethics” and “conflict of interest” are indispensable concepts to anyone else managing careers… to Cochran, they’re lip service.

At least previous business cheating was only about money, not something worse.

Then there’s trying to skin someone and wear it for an ego trip.  But most people won’t believe what a predatory sociopath is capable of (that’s how they get away with it.) One fan’s comment:

“they typically are HARDWIRED in the head for it. Most Con-Artists (let’s call a spade a spade here…) are Personality Disordered, typically Narcissistic or Borderline Personality disordered. BPD’s are harder than hell to spot unless you’re in very close personal contact with them regularly. They’re an ugly core of a person with multiple facades of a person not quite like but very, very reminiesent of Sybil in nature.” – (Frank)

We were sent a 2005 interview with Cochran (see near bottom.)  It shows why he’s described as having a raging case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  He boasts of impossible publishing promises:

“I am also having a great time now with the business that I’ve been building since 2001. Within a year we’ll have published at least a dozen books and a half-dozen audiobooks; released three or four CDs; put out prints and posters from multiple artists; and moved a half dozen film stories closer to actual production.”

That never happened. 12 years later, tens of thousands of dollars worth of audiobook sales from that time were never delivered, and the hardcover of TWO HEARTS is never produced.  Compare his failure to finish the first thing he started to this crack-smoking ego masturbation:

“The majority of my waking time – and since I only sleep about five hours a night, that’s a lot – is devoted to building the company. The structure is simple. There is a central holding corporation called CCI, for Connor Cochran, Inc. I am chairman, president, secretary and treasurer. CCI operates sub-divisions which deal in specific tasks and/or media: Conlan Press is the book and audiobook publishing division, ACE-Kobata Music handles live performances and recordings, Changeling Films is the cinema division, Silver City Graphics & Fine Arts does prints and posters and anything purely visual. Church of Superdog is the artist management group, etc. There are at least 20 such divisions already launched or on the planning board. Each has someone {or several someones} who is actually in charge of the local turf, while I kibitz at will and keep the whole multi-division machine spinning together productively… Conlan is the first division to go public, via the conlan press website. Our initial release is an unabridged audiobook of Peter S. Beagle’s THE LAST UNICORN, which we are promoting by also putting out a limited edition hardcover of “Two Hearts”… CCI may never wind up going toe-to-toe with Disney or Sony or Universal someday, but we’ll make a good run at it, and have a lot of fun in the attempt. The art of business, the business of art, and a chance to change the world… Who could say no?”

It’s interesting how “Changing the world” came to mean ripping off elderly writers, and trying to sue their girlfriends and forcibly put them under control when they finally say “NO”.  And this judgement of him is the final word:

“Connor has consistently defrauded people, lied about it, and generally shown all the characteristics of an advanced example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder…” – (Deb)

True fans of Peter, please pay careful attention to what he’s fighting.  Support the right side and share the truth.

Update on Peter Beagle’s fight for fairness, and deceptive “crisis management” against fans by Connor Cochran & Conlan Press.

On Peter’s birthday (April 20), The Last Unicorn facebook page was silent.  So were other social media false-fronts run by Connor Cochran and Conlan Press. Now their main concern is extracting money from fans to pay for legal battle against Peter.

Not all was silent with Peter.  For his birthday, his fans got the present.

Now fans can follow him at The REAL Peter S. Beagle facebook page, where his exploiters have no access.

Peter got a birthday post from Tachyon, an honest publisher who’s actively supporting Peter’s career. He did a reading in San Francisco and got dinner with fans (hi Ted!) And Balticon 50 announced Peter as their guest of honor.

That’s hardly the life of a man too feeble to manage without forcible control.

The world is a better place because Connor Cochran won’t be allowed to use these activities for his predation. It’s driving him to spread desperate, self-serving phone messages to plead that Peter NEEDS conservatorship… because otherwise Cochran’s movie deals will suffer. He’s all about the money.

Mystery of The Magical Disappearing Comments.

Comment on the Tucson screening announcement and watch it disappear. Alakazam!  On 4/27, there’s 54 comments shown but 76 listed (replies don’t count). That’s a lot of hidden comments. (You may need to log out to see filtering of ones you leave.)  

Now let’s have a deeper look at the turmoil behind Cochran’s social media false-fronts, and the deception he’s doing to roll back awareness.


While Cochran exploits fans to keep buying what he sells, he doesn’t want you to know about the fight to #TakeBackTheUnicorn. He sees a storm of protest brewing and he’s battening down the hatches.

Massive deletion is happening to fan discussion about the fraud and lawsuits. We have screenshots of deleted posts with hundreds of comments. Let’s dig up what Cochran and his cronies want to bury.

GONE: Fan posting ability to The Last Unicorn page on Facebook!

  • 190,000 page followers used to post daily to the Last Unicorn page.  No more… and their previous posts are all gone.  Meanwhile, on the Peter Beagle Facebook page run by Cochran, thousands of followers are under tight control of info.
  • Andrea says:


ENTIRE REVIEW SECTION DELETED from the Conlan Press Facebook page!

  • In late March 2016, Cochran deleted the “reviews” section from the Conlan Press Facebook page after a streak of 1-star reviews from customers who never got what they paid for.
  • Here’s a screenshot of Google’s cache made in January before further 1-stars (with lonely 5-stars from his own employees).  On April 13 we linked the cache and the next week it’s gone too.

EVASIVE MANEUVERS! Spambots suppress Twitter search results:


  • This is new.  The tweets are consecutive, and they aren’t single instances.  Numerous accounts are repeating the SAME tweet DAILY.
  • They’re spambot accounts all linked to each other, populated entirely with generic quotes and sayings.  It’s a commercial service.
  • Some services build bot accounts to sell you a pile of new “friends”.  Others like manage PR, like suppressing search results to help cowardly con artists hide what they do. It wouldn’t be cheap to use Conlan Press funds this way.

ATTACK AGAINST PETER by the Last Unicorn Facebook page!

  • 190,000 followers were treated to Cochran’s sympathy-begging statement about manipulating Peter’s children against him.  It was his official side linked right to Conlan Press.  (That post is now deleted too.)
  • At the same time, the page declared itself a “neutral zone” (that would not post Peter’s side).
  • When repeatedly asked, the page manager conveniently forgot who owns the page (refusing to name Cochran) while claiming to be run by “a fan.”  However, Reece Mack posted the professional position to his LinkedIn resume in September 2015.  (That was when Peter hired a fiduciary; so Cochran got a crisis manager.) The sudden, transparently phony coyness and evasion about the PR coincided with Peter’s injunction against Cochran.
  • Jay reacts:


Deleted comments and evasion:


Sudden serious memory problems… maybe a conservator is needed!


The selling must continue… but if you don’t get what you ordered, they have nothing to do with it.


Cheated customers keep getting the runaround…

A message to the crisis manager:

When the Last Unicorn Facebook page says it’s run by “just a fan”, and refuses to name the owner, it implies being unaffiliated.

Do you get that little nagging feeling that you’re expected to say something that isn’t true?  Does your skin crawl a little about deflecting fans this way?  Admit it… doesn’t it feel a little weird and wrong, deep down inside?

Why ignore your conscience?

(EDIT: we’re told that previous crisis manager Reece Mack has stepped down. If that’s even true.  Reece: get distance from this, and best luck.)

Fans should expect much more of the smoke and mirrors to delay justice.  But the overwhelming evidence shows that Cochran is guilty of cheating many people besides Peter Beagle.  That’s why Peter will win.  Please help him, and share the story using these hashtags. #TakeBackTheUnicorn – #LastUnicorn

Connor Cochran’s motive for defrauding and attacking Peter Beagle, explained by a reader.

Why – The short answer is $$$, and the long answer is about covering up.  Cochran is desperate to deflect notice towards Peter’s supposed “health problems” – and away from his own history of predatory business scamming.

“Cochran induced Beagle to transfer his intellectual property rights to a sham corporation, appropriating this property with intent to defraud Beagle.” – (Peter’s lawsuit p. 5)

Avicenna was the sham corporation formed in 2008 by Cochran (with his disgraced ex lawyer friend.) It was supposedly made for Peter Beagle to share ownership 50/50. The other 50% was Cochran’s, with Conlan Press doing all the public business (and cheating so many fans). He promised to bring in multiple authors, but Beagle’s work remains the entire source of value – and Cochran refuses to account for the money.years

This reader lays it out point by point:

“Connor’s arguments about people preying on Peter – mostly directed at Peter’s girlfriend – all circle back to his assertion of Peter’s lawsuit being the only reason the movie deal didn’t work out (and Connor is also blaming Peter’s withdrawal from having anything to do with Conlan/Avicenna as the reason other book projects have not yet gone to press. Conlan’s projects are FOREVER “…about to go to press.”) There’s NO OTHER WAY to show harm. And every time Connor has to argue about Peter’s mental capacity, he rolls out the same story about Peter demanding Connor give him his mother’s ashes, which Connor says he already had – whereas MANY people can counter Connor’s claims by relating examples of having perfectly lucid and lengthy conversations with Peter.

And Connor’s only real argument for “helping” Peter – the argument that the negative influence of others that is causing Peter to make harmful or bad decisions – has to do with the lawsuit, and loss of the Japanese investor interest in the potential movie [1] – because what other benefit does Peter gain by associating with Conlan/Avicenna/Connor otherwise? Conlan is a Beagle signature factory that hasn’t published anything, and everything they DO sell is published by other companies; the film tour investors are suing Connor for not paying them or even accounting for the money; Connor lost another lawsuit for taking money from a teacher who wanted to be an author by promising to use the money to publish her books, and never did [2]; and there are thousands of fans and volunteers who never get things they paid for. [3]

And, if ANYTHING Connor claims about Peter’s health is true, then the days of endlessly signing books and doing movie roadshows should be over. So what value is there in enlisting the kids to gain conservatorship? Simple: Connor gains control over the part of Avicenna – and the rights to ALL of Peter’s work – that Peter can and is contesting [4]. And Connor can then dangle the unlikely prospect of millions of dollars pouring in from film investors in front of Peter’s heirs. That’s the only reason, because IF their claims about Peter were true, he should not continue working at even close to the pace Connor had been working him before.”

“If their claims are NOT true, then why try to make such a claim? Because otherwise, Peter IS in his right mind, and is justified in separating himself from a business that is both built entirely on his work and reputation, while being managed so poorly it is destroying both. If Peter prevails, Connor would have to make a full accounting to EVERYONE about all of the money: to the fans, about the sales of books that have not shipped, and of books that have not even been PRODUCED yet, in some cases, for more than a decade now;  to the tour volunteers, who were promised gifts that have never been sent; to investors in the tour, who were offered impossible returns, and yet have not received one penny in repayment or a single accounting of how the money was spent; and to Peter, whose work provides Connor’s SOLE INCOME, and which has allowed Connor to live in million-dollar homes while the creator of the work itself lived in apartments.” [5]


Connor’s full time occupation is running Conlan Press… the money Peter’s work generated has been his own sole income.

“If nothing else, if NOTHING else, Peter should be receiving money from the sales of the ebooks – which were launched en masse AFTER the lawsuit was filed – and the sales of the books that have happened since, plus a portion of the money from the screenings of the film – which continue without his involvement. But Connor/Conlan/Avicenna refuses to give any accounting, much less any payment [6], and Peter is having to rely on being paid by other editors and publishers who will work with him directly for new work [7]. It’s only speculation to assume that the argument would be that Conlan and/or Avicenna owns the rights, and thus owes no accounting or payout to Peter under whatever contractual terms Connor talked him into – but as Conlan Press and Avicenna are built IN THEIR ENTIRETY on the work of Peter Beagle, then any money came to those entities FROM the work of Peter Beagle, so it’s easy to see who benefits most from maintaining the status quo. And as Connor’s full time occupation is running Conlan Press, if he is withholding anything from Peter because those entities control the rights, then he’s only been able to do so because of the money Peter’s work generated, which has been his own sole income.

This whole conflict has NOTHING to do with Peter’s health – which Connor claims has been a problem for a LONG time but which somehow never stopped him from touring with Peter and taking him to conventions – and EVERYTHING to do with the shoddy way that Connor has run Conlan Press. Period.”

His legal docs claim he was Peter's "ghostwriter"
His legal docs claim he was Peter’s “ghostwriter”

We spoke further with this reader. They reported that there are many people who have closely observed Cochran, who until recently steered clear of speaking because of retaliation against anyone who does. We’re happy to share those secrets here. And the public discourse about this scandal is now refocusing away from Peter’s health – Cochran’s primary diversion tactic – and back towards this fact:

“he is a terrible and unethical businessman who uses everyone around him.”

About his conduct towards Peter:

“…underhanded and despicable.  And then seeing things like that teacher who sued him – he never intended to use her money to publish her books – convinced me that it was all a massive house of cards.  And her win against him should be what the Sandbox people focus on, because he scammed then in the exact same way: offer grandiose returns on a debt that he does no accounting for. Because he never planned to pay a penny.”

The kids’ position is also clear from a comment Kalisa made on one of those other stories, about how Peter signing 5000 apology notes was a part of his contract. They have clearly bought into Connor’s savior angle, and don’t see the thing Peter was signing apology notes for was another one of Connor’s failed schemes.

Please keep doing what you’re doing.  Peter deserves far better than to have his life destroyed by someone like Connor Cochran.”


And the reader followed up:

“Where order fulfillment is concerned, there has long been a pattern of confusion and apparent forgetfulness on Connor’s part. Many, many people can testify to having had Connor promise something will be delivered, only to never have it happen. Perhaps this is indicative of a greater memory problem – in which case maybe someone claiming to have only his best interests at heart should legally file for conservatorship over him and his business dealings.”

“… and let’s say somehow Connor and Peter’s children’s effort to gain conservatorship over Peter is successful. How does that change ANYTHING with regards to how Conlan Press has been run? Connor has stated over and over again that it’s Peter’s health that has necessitated halting his participation in the film tour…so if Peter really is struggling with health and/or memory issues that will prevent him from being as involved in the sales operations as he had been, then what does the conservatorship do for ANYONE other than removing the right of a partner – Peter – to sue the other?  Conlan will continue selling things they can’t be bothered to deliver; they’ll still be sued by Sandbox for not repaying the tour investment; and Connor may think he can go do a new movie deal without Peter – but investors will be aware that he only got control of the rights by forcibly taking them away from a beloved creator.”



<> at Jacob Javitz Center on October 12, 2014 in New York City.

[1]  Reader misspoke about “Japanese” investors (meaning Chinese) for a new live-action movie.  See below screenshots of Cochran’s claims on 12/10/15. They are full of defamation against Peter and incredible distortions:

  • Cochran was sued by his investors after making the comments – guess how likely it is to restart a deal.
  • Cochran pretends he meant to make Peter “co-owner” of the movie.  But his manipulative comments to this reader put it far into the future of an elderly man… and a decade wait for products he sold still hasn’t produced them.
  • He denies there is benefit from false claims about Peter’s health – read it above.
  • He claims a lawyer who knew Peter dismissed his claims, which indicates Richard Mooney. He served Cochran to take over the movie rights and now represents Cochran as a very self-interested crony in attacking Peter.

[2] Cochran was sued for taking $25,000 from an elderly teacher, and breaking their contract to publish her book.  Cochran’s defense is accurately described as gaming the system.  Rather than settling as a sane person would, Cochran dragged her through the mud with a frivolous countersuit.  She won an arbitration judgement (the only judgement in the case).  That should be that, but not for a frivolous litigant.  Cochran gamed the system by paying taxes to re-open a suspended corporation, only to get a new trial under corporate veil. It was a flimsy defense that ran up costs without chance for him to win, simply to make her cut losses.  It’s likely the only time his suspended corporation paid taxes was to block justice for victims.  It could not save him from losing another lawsuit in 2015 (search case 511166.)

[3] Here and here are volunteer reports.  Products sold and not delivered since 2005 include audiobook CD’s and ‘Two Hearts”, “Extra Deluxe” Last Unicorn books, the “Writing Sarek” book never to be produced without Peter, movie tour edition books, and more that can’t be accounted for. Even before taking over Peter’s career, Cochran was soliciting sales for his own book that appears never made.

[4] Peter’s lawsuit is seeking recission of contracts because they were made with fraud and to deprive him of his rights.

[5] Cochran’s homePeter’s apartment loss involved Cochran’s control of his lease.

[6] Slight correction – Cochran’s ebook launch was October 2015, shortly before a lawsuit but when he knew it was coming. Peter had hired a fiduciary in September to manage his finances; Cochran got a crisis manager.  After lawsuit, sales promotion grew but Peter never received any money.

[7] Denied pay he is owed, Peter is relying on honest publishers such as Tachyon.

Connor: The King of Empty Promises

Full text of injunction to stop Connor Cochran from exploiting Peter Beagle and his work.

The downward spiral continues for Connor Cochran, abusive ex manager of Peter Beagle. His fraud is bringing strong public scrutiny. His lawyer just dumped him. Now he faces an injunction to prevent him from exploiting Peter’s name and works to enrich himself.

Cochran is abusing Peter’s name as a false front on social media and in business, and continuing to make money from his works without paying him.  Cochran has been “selling as much as he can… to raise money for one purpose only: so that he can use it to sue Peter with.”  (See here at bottom.)

In September 2015, Peter hired a professional fiduciary to handle all of his finances. Cochran was informed of duty to pay money owed to Peter and “frequently indicated an understanding” about it months before Peter was forced to sue.  This exhibit from a court document shows why a lawsuit was strongly provoked.

Declaration re Amended Motion Preliminary Injunction, Beagle 13

Funny that in September 2015, before there was any lawsuit, Cochran got a crisis manager when Peter hired a fiduciary. Guilty much?

An injunction will reduce egregious money grabbing for Cochran’s scam operation, like the Last Unicorn movie screening on 3/27/16.  Fans were misled to ask if Peter would appear, without knowing about his lawsuit against the people running the show. (A comment we linked here was deleted – they forgot this one.)


Besides ripping off and gaslighting Peter, and dealing with the strongly provoked lawsuit, Cochran is also countersuing Peter’s girlfriend. It’s a strategic smokescreen and punishment to emotionally defeat Peter, cut him off from support, and keep him under Cochran’s thumb. All of his heinous wrongdoing makes a lot of legal bills.

Cochran’s abuse is funded by exploiting you, the fans of Peter, to keep buying from Conlan Press, ebooks on Amazon, and more. And he desperately wants to stop you from knowing. Don’t let him. Please share with hashtags #LastUnicorn and #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Coincidentally, Cochran’s Last Unicorn page on Facebook suddenly “forgot” who owns it, when repeatedly asked by fans.  His crisis manager began deleting their comments and posts wholesale. It’s a transparent ploy to dodge accountability.

And on 4/5/16, Cochran’s lawyer dumped him for abusing court process. His substitute is Richard Mooney, who previously served Cochran to take over the Last Unicorn Movie rights. His remaining support comes from closely tied cronies. If you see them spread denial, speak up with questions that destroy it.

The injunction seeks necessary relief from the corruption.  It puts force behind public awareness.  Here’s the full text.

Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_01 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_02 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_03 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_04 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_05 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_06 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_07 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_08 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_09 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_10 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_11 Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction scan, Beagle_Page_12

Peter Beagle’s lawsuit steadily gains steam. Injunction sought against ex manager Connor Cochran while he desperately hides abuse and fraud.

UPDATE: This effort was put on hold during other action and went active again on 7/26/17.

The story of fraud against Peter Beagle is increasingly reaching his true fans and winning their support.  There’s high traffic on many fronts to cover in this update.

Many fans are hearing about Peter’s lawsuit for the first time, and overwhelmingly convinced by the evidence, against denial and pretense spread by his ex-manager. Their message is clear: you can’t abuse a creator and hijack fandom for greed.

“Dear fandom: another of our elder voices has received treatment as a cash cow being milked for one last harvest. He’s been exploited for his fan base, many of whom never received products they paid for…” – (Maggie)


Sharing brings awareness to stop the abuse.

Cochran is desperately trying to hide what he’s done, with crisis management and widespread deletions on social media.  He would keep his Golden Goose captive if nobody knew.  Sharing is vital to stop the abuse. Please tell fans you know and add hashtags #TakeBackTheUnicorn and #LastUnicorn.

Sharing is the mission of this site.  The story isn’t ours – it’s yours.  We want nothing more than fairness, and we’ll settle for nothing less.  Share if you feel the same.  It’s the opposite of Cochran’s mission to enrich himself with predatory greed.

Cochran continues cheating fans without delivering goods.

When Peter’s lawsuit came out, many cheated customers knew it was absolutely true because they were personally victimized. Cochran tried to deflect with glib promises yet again that goods would come “soon” after a decade-plus of false sales (while he’s really spending your money on lawyer fees.) See how easily he lied to victims:


It’s plain to see that he’ll say or do anything to get what he wants.  There’s no credibility on his side – only greedy lying.

The Last Unicorn Tour investor lawsuit destroys Cochran’s pretenses about being falsely accused.

Cochran stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his movie tour investors too.  While he attacks Peter for being old, he refuses to say anything about this other lawsuit – because he has no defense.  He can’t call them senile.  It destroys the smokescreen he’s blowing to hide his exploitation against Peter and fans.  This is the scumbag who a few cronies are rallying around in denial.

Wherever you see denial, speak up with questions that destroy it. Point out refusal to acknowledge the investor lawsuit, cheating against fans, and witness reports.

Movie tour workers come out as witnesses to Cochran’s abuse.

We previously shared a movie tour worker’s report of abuse, and here’s a new one. This report spread “like wildfire” according to author Robin Goodfellow.  She’s a life long fan (who appears in the DVD special features) – a movie tour volunteer – and a dementia nurse who refutes Cochran’s gaslighting against Beagle:


One telling detail:

“The show sold out, many movie goers were turned away and Connor wheedled with the staff of the Cineplex to try to let in standing room only, and was turned down due to this being a fire hazard of which Connor complained.”

It’s a perfect illustration of what Connor Cochran stands for: Enriching himself with casual disregard for laws and safety of others, while asking others to look the other way. That’s what he does when people are watching, so think about what he does when they aren’t.  Watchdogs are urgently needed.

Fans manipulated by Cochran to twist the story, but it isn’t working.  

The more the story spreads, the more Cochran evades, deflects and deceives.  If you’ve been cheated or seen his abuse, and say so in public – you’re likely to get persistent internet and phone contact to twist the story the way he wants. His fork-tongued excuses carefully follow a rehearsed script to make him seem innocent.

Robin Goodfellow told us about his attempted phone manipulation:

“Connor Cochran is a scum bag and his magickal phone call to me was nothing more than scare tactics, even though he veiled it as wanting to get orders to people. My friends who were cheated hundreds of dollars on their orders want nothing to do with him and wish no contact with him. I find it interesting that he can’t figure out orders, but was able to find my phone number in two year old emails to the last unicorn tour from my volunteer application.

My partner had originally called this whole thing. He believes Cochran only called me to scare me, and once I hung up on him he kept calling and left that voice mail. I have no interest in hearing what he has to say and believe he is scum. I’ve worked with enough victims of elder abuse and seen enough greedy families eager to see their parents in the ground for want of financial pay off. I wish it was not so common.

Connor was saying on his phone message to me about Peter being toxic to Hollywood. Who cares? This is his legacy. His work. Not yours.”  – (Robin Goodfellow)

Here’s another illustration of what Cochran stands for.  He conveniently ignores customer pleas about missing orders for months and years, but his manipulative phone call came only 6 hours after her story went out. (Seen that before.)

“Toxic in Hollywood” defamation against Peter.

In his voice message, Cochran claimed Peter’s name is toxic with all the scandal.  But the wrongdoing all leads back to Cochran.  WHO is toxic?  Peter or the scumbag who exploited his career?  It’s another piece of an agenda to gaslight, defame and force helplessness on Peter to make Cochran the “savior” dominating his life.

More witness corroboration.

“This woman’s experience echoes mine when I saw Peter S. Beagle and Connor Cochran together. Her whole experience of the Last Unicorn screening reflects mine as well.” – (Melanie)


Literary agent says Cochran “made my skin crawl”.

“This is so heartbreaking. I met PSB on tour and he was absolutely lovely. But after meeting & sort of watching his manager, I knew something was very wrong. I contacted some mutual friends, hoping they could get through since I was still a baby agent w/little pull. I’m hoping one of them was able to help. That manager made my skin crawl.” – (Jennifer)

9 years ago…

Evidence vs. Cochran’s manipulation and sympathy-begging.

Comments from Robin Goodfellow’s report:

“Question for Conor Cochran: If Mr. Beagle had severe memory loss issues and cognitive issues, why did you think it was a good idea to take him on film tours? Wouldn’t you want him resting comfortably at home with the finest medical care? Also, from what I hear, it’s not just the Canadian tour that is missing their merchandise–it’s people all over the world. Did everyone in the world mess up their order form?” – (beans)

“This is the part which doesn’t make sense to me as well. I could realistically, looking at the many detailed statements on both sides of this issue, believe either Mr. Beagle or Mr. Cochran to be telling the complete truth… if it were not for one simple fact.

An elderly man in frail health, who is rapidly declining both physically and mentally; who cannot track or recall with any accuracy; who is unable to make his own decisions; who needs others to do what’s best for him, even against his own strenuous beliefs and wishes…

…is in no way the *same* man who can safely be dragged from pillar to post for two years; put to work for 12-16 hour days; housed in guest rooms of fans who want to talk to him when he needs rest; expected to do an arduous job, in short, with little rest and no special medical care.

Yet Conor Cochran expects us to believe both of these things about Peter Beagle, simultaneously. I’m sorry, Mr. Cochran, but that defies reason and common sense. If Mr. Beagle were truly the sick old man who is unable to function mentally or physically without such extreme care as to require removing his agency over his own associates and financial decisions, then there would be only one ethical course to take: keeping Mr. Beagle safe at home, surrounded by family and friends and with good medical care close at hand, and refusing any and all work which required him to be on tour. physically and mentally active for long, grueling days and sleep on strange beds every night. That you chose not to do that tells me that either Mr. Beagle was not nearly as ill as you claim, or that you were not treating him and his medical needs ethically, or both.

There’s one more thing I notice about the behavior of the various parties to the dispute: Mr. Beagle supports his claim with specific evidence — financial documents, medical evaluations, etc. Mr. Cochran supports his claim with character witnesses. Character witnesses can be fooled… even over a period of years. They may believe what they’re told, or what someone sets a situation up to appear as true. Tests are much more rarely fooled, and primary source documents virtually never. I believe that most or all of the parties who signed Mr. Cochran’s public relations document earnestly believed what they wrote… doubtless including Mr. Beagle’s children. However, they would not be the first to mean well and be wrong.” – (Nora Rivkis)

“The only ethical principle which has made science possible is that the truth shall be told all the time. If we do not penalize false statements made in error, we open up the way for false statements by intention. And a false statement of fact, made deliberately, is the most serious crime a scientist can commit.” -Dorothy Sayers, _Gaudy Night_

Of course Cochran could convince some people to like him with a superficial mask of oily charm.  His life is dedicated to it.  That’s literally the definition of a con artist“Con men have to seem nice.  It’s a necessary skill.” (More below.)

Don’t trust our expose because it’s written from between two purring baskets of rescued orphan kittens.  Notice that we’ve been sharing documents and facts about fraud since 2014, predicting the scandal for a year before Peter Beagle’s lawsuit came out and the media caught on.

Laptop [Converted]

Cochran tries to tighten power over Peter by proxy, manipulating his children to file for conservatorship.

It’s obviously preferable not to share private details about Peter’s life.  But since they’re already exploited in public by Cochran, it’s fair to uncover his controlling agenda.  Cochran used universal family drama that can happen to anyone to drive a wedge into Peter’s family.

While Peter was hauled from couch to couch on an elder-abusing death march of a tour, his kids weren’t present.  There were months without face to face contact while Cochran interfered with their communication.

Only one kid is blood related to Peter. There were divorces over decades. Into the relationship dynamic came Peter’s partner as an outsider. She stuck by him for 17 years when there was no money.  She would have a front row seat for Cochran’s scamming, know where his bodies are buried, and encourage Peter against being a captive golden goose. These are implications of Cochran’s “screaming ugly naked hate” for her.  Pitting people against each other would let him divide and conquer.

Readers react:

family2 family

Cochran intends to force Peter into conservatorship against his will. He can dangle hope that his way is the only way to get a piece of Hollywood money that he promised for so long. But investors won’t touch Cochran now, so he can only string people along with a fake carrot. The kids must have been very upset to see the promises vanish with Cochran’s scandal. He blames Peter, and grudges can motivate as well as money. Whatever the specifics, he’s exploiting upset.

“These are the same kids that let their 70+ year-old Dad go on a hobo tour where he was expected to sleep over at strangers houses that they met online?” – (Gwen)

That’s all hinted by public sources. And here’s one more strike against the chosen conservators: Kalisa Beagle’s financial responsibility got her sued by the Bank Of America.  They won a judgement against her for $5,000 that she defaulted on and was forced to pay back. Search case CV166651 at this link.

The BEST Cochran offers is conservators who have to get sued by their own creditors, even ignoring his own history of fraud and abuse.

Last Unicorn Facebook page spreads deception. Widespread deletion of posts and comments. Conlan Press Facebook page has ENTIRE REVIEW SECTION DELETED!

Stay tuned – this is long enough for another update soon.  We have screenshots of entire posts with hundreds of shares and comments deleted.

In late March 2016, Cochran deleted the “reviews” section from his company Facebook page after a streak of 1-star reviews from customers who never got what they paid for. Here’s Google’s cache (with lonely 5-stars from his own employees), made previous to newer 1-stars.

Around April 6, The Last Unicorn Facebook page posted Cochran’s statements against Peter to 190,000 followers.  It was the official side linking right to Conlan Press. The followers gave strong dispute.  Simultaneously the page declared itself a “neutral zone” (that would not post Beagle’s side), refused to admit that Cochran owned the page (marked “official”), and suddenly forgot who did own it, while claiming to be run by “a fan.” Conveniently, that “fan” neglected to mention that he put his position as crisis manager on his professional resume.

One of many similar experiences of evasive deception:


Social media pages using Peter Beagle and his works are false fronts managed by Cochran.  Why the sudden fake coyness about management of the Facebook page?  It’s an evasive tactic anticipating an injunction against Cochran.

Peter Beagle fires back hard with injunction – and Cochran’s lawyer dumps him.

Peter’s lawyer filed for an injunction to prevent Cochran from abusing Peter’s name, using it as a false front on social media and in business, and continuing to make money from his works without paying him. Search case RG15794528.

Here’s the full text of this strongly provoked response.  Sharing Peter’s story helps, and this puts force behind public awareness.

Meanwhile Cochran was dumped by his attorney for abusing court process. He was forced to file attorney substitution on 4/5/16. His new one is Richard Mooney, who previously served Cochran to take over the Last Unicorn Movie rights. That’s the kind of partner who would never upset the apple cart.

Remaining support for Cochran comes from cronies who are closely tied to him.  He’s worked very hard to manipulate them to believe everyone else is the problem.

The root of the problem.

These fans nail it:


Here’s a known fact about Cochran’s partner in ripping off Peter.  Ex-lawyer Charles Petit had a State Bar hearing where he lost his license for fraud. They explained:

“In regard to the Respondent’s continuing misrepresentations to disciplinary counsel, Dr. Jeckel said ‘it’s lying upon lying upon lying and I think it’s a sign of very serious and unique personality disorder.'”

Look at this self-satisfied piece of shit:

“Right now, Connor is selling as much as he can in the way of ebooks and used books to raise money for one purpose only: so that he can use it to sue Peter with. It’s ridiculous. He has a screaming ugly naked hate for Peter’s longtime partner Peggy – they’ve been together 17 or so years. He’s dragged Peter for eighteen hour days driving from one state to another, sleeping on sofas in fans’ houses rather than in an actual hotel. This is the very definition of “elder abuse” – and as the lawsuit just brought against Connor by Sandbox LLC shows, Connor had taken money from Sandbox ostensibly to finance the same movie tour during which he spent virtually no money on Peter’s comfort…  I’d suggest checking (Fans Against Fraud) if you’re interested in a long, ugly history during which Connor has consistently defrauded people, lied about it, and generally shown all the characteristics of an advanced example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, in which he is always right, no one has more power than he does, and he must always win because he is somehow smarter or better than everyone else. I’m not sure how he’s planning on countersuing Sandbox, but I’m sure his out of control narcissism will find him something he thinks he can use.”
We’ve been sent far more material from inside this man’s personal life dating back to the 1960’s.  It shows why he achieved a reputation of “don’t work with him, don’t depend upon him, don’t trust him.”  It’s extremely unpleasant to look inside the mind of a sociopath, but this can suffice for now.

Updates to come:

  • More about deception and deletion by the Last Unicorn Facebook page.
  • Full text of injunction filed against Cochran.
  • Cochran’s scamming led to default judgement against him, with $6,000 seized from his bank account.

Peter Beagle was forced out of his home, but media is spreading the fraud story. Readers support him to #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Peter Beagle recently lost his apartment as a result of abuse by his ex manager, Connor Cochran.

“I just found out that due to some influence his last agent had over his lease that Peter S. Beagle lost his home and is now in substandard housing…”

Cochran watched this happen while enriching himself with movie shows that pay Peter nothing. Where does Last Unicorn sale money go?  It pays Cochran’s lawyers to attack Peter, deny his rights and delay justice.  Meanwhile Peter is forced to have a fundraiser sale.

In the latest money grab for Cochran’s scam operation, The Last Unicorn movie played in one Florida theater on 3/27/16.  Fans were misled to ask if Peter would appear, without knowing about his lawsuit against those profiting from the show.  But the wrongdoing can’t be suppressed.  Media watchdogs have picked up the story and are carrying it where it needs to go – to the awareness of every fan.

From VICE: “The Sad, Strange Legal Battles of ‘Last Unicorn’ Author Peter S. Beagle”. The Onion A.V. Club: The Last Unicorn author locks legal horns with his manager”.

You can help. Share these articles on social media and add hashtags #LastUnicorn and #TakeBackTheUnicorn. (Share sources: Facebook, Twitter 1, Twitter 2). Also thank the journalist and ask for more coverage of the wider story about cheating against Peter’s fans.

The elder abuse revealed by Peter’s lawsuit shows that fame and devotion is no guarantee of safety. Mickey Rooney and Harper Lee had similar stories about them.

Readers call “bullshit” on Cochran.

After Peter was abused, Cochran’s countersuit doubled down with a heinous attack at Peter’s girlfriend.  He pretends she’s a gold-digger in their 17 year relationship.  It’s a strategic smokescreen and punishment to emotionally defeat Peter, cut him off from support, and keep him under Cochran’s thumb. In Cochran’s bully mind, he’s yanking the choke chain on a disobedient dog. It’s the pattern the caused Peter’s lawsuit:

41 Defendant Cochran deliberately defamed Beagle, not just to the public or to business associates, but specifically to his children and to his close personal friends. He refused to stop including Beagle’s children and friends on his emails to Beagle, despite repeated requests to do so. On one such email, dated June 23, Cochran claimed that he didn’t “have any reason to make stuff up”, but this is clearly not true. As long as Beagle could be portrayed as an ill, incompetent, and alcoholic old man to his family and friends, Beagle would lack their support at a time when he was in critical need.

With all of the evidence of Cochran’s wrongdoing, nobody on any of the links has fallen for claims against the girlfriend. He’s struck out after years of lying and manipulation. Peter’s fight is winning. Here’s what readers really think.


These readers nail it.

This one nails it, too.

“The other side of the story is very deceptive and all sourced from the manager. It’s known that the children were not part of the movie tour. Peter Beagle’s internet presence and facebook and twitter pages are owned by his manager, and there’s been a high amount of deletion of comments. Meanwhile all of the other complaints and lawsuits against the manager outweigh the excuses by a huge amount. It really is a story with a right side and a wrong side.

Copying a top post to the VICE piece on social media –

Beagle’s lawsuit was reinforced by another lawsuit at the same time by the Last Unicorn Movie Tour investors. His manager stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from them too, and he refused to tell them where it went. LA Superior Court case BC605386.

This story has a clear villain and a clear victim. Nobody has a bad word to say about Peter Beagle. His manager Connor Cochran has a decades long reputation for scams and fraud. Just google it.

Cochran claims Beagle is crazy, like many other targets he called crazy to get away with cheating them. But Beagle’s lawsuit gives medical exhibits that he’s in excellent health for his age. Cochran also is targeting Beagle’s life partner with legal attacks that claim she’s a gold digger. She’s been with Beagle for 17 years since before there was any gold. It’s an absurdly flimsy hit tactic/smokescreen. You can read the entire lawsuit at Beagle’s support site.

Please update this in a while because Cochran sure isn’t going to avoid paying huge damages. It takes a lot of attention for the audience who have been following all the shifting stories and lying about his scamming, but just read the piles of horror stories to get informed.”

Nice hashtag here – it deserves to be shared.


Please share a fundraiser for Peter Beagle, and oppose false sale of his work to fight him.

Would you buy the work of a creator you love, if it funds an abuser’s fight to grab his rights – to financially crush him into submission, steal his creative time, make him lose sleep, punish people he loves, and delay aid and solutions?

How would you feel if your goodwill was misused that way without your knowledge- because the seller hid the creator’s objections?

This is happening with sales of Peter Beagle’s work at Conlan Press. It enriches owner Connor Cochran while he battles Peter in court, and Peter is living as “close to the bone” as possible.

Here’s a good way to get books without guilt, and help him eat and live.  “All proceeds go directly to Peter. There is no middleman.”  Please share: 

A Fundraiser for Peter and A Lot of Damn Fine Reading as Well!

Consumer rights abuse is only part of the problem with Conlan Press.  There’s something very wrong with the misuse of goodwill. Well-intentioned fans are paying without being informed about Peter’s lawsuit against Cochran for Elder Abuse and Fraud.  Their money funds Cochran’s vexatious attack back at Peter.

Cochran’s appeals for money won’t mention any lawsuit – in his “Raven” newsletter, his web store, his ebooks at, and his exploitation of the Last Unicorn movie rights and licensing.  DON’T BUY ANY OF IT! He’s doing “sleazy money and intellectual property grabs using Peter as bait without Peter’s permission or benefit.”

He’s milking Peter’s name like there’s no tomorrow – because there isn’t one for his business while Peter’s lawsuit moves forward.

Cochran wormed his way into Peter’s life by selling snake-oil about a better deal. He pushed out previous exploiters to take their place.  But this fundraiser isn’t like his “crisis for poor Peter!” tearjerkers he did to exploit goodwill. It’s not promoting another false savior. It’s simply dealing with the results of Cochran’s scamming, that hit so many others who need relief too.

Didn’t get your book, just excuses?

So, you’re one of countless deceived fans who paid Conlan Press without knowing about Peter’s lawsuit or Cochran’s 11 years of withholding goods.  Please notice his new strategy to delay timely delivery, put off complaints, and sweep scamming under the rug.  (And to hide violation of the FTC’s 30-day rule.)  He recently enlisted a Crisis Manager to make the excuses look good.

Read about Cochran’s PR manipulation in our extra-super-detailed post.

DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.  Silence makes more harm.

If your money was taken deceptively, or if you got nothing – demand refunds now. Take NO excuses. Keep pressure going. Don’t hold hope after years of lies. Don’t let your money fund attacks at Peter instead of what you paid for.

No refund? File a Credit Charge Dispute.

(Non-lawyer tips to use at your own judgement. Read more at

Never pay cash to a shady seller. A card brings important protection.

If ONE refund request to the company isn’t honored, find the transaction in your statement and ask the bank for a charge dispute. It can be done online in a minute, or call them.  They’re rarely fought.  Watch time limits (often 120 days.)  The bank takes the money back and credits your account, then reviews if the decision is final.

If you got no item, the refund is yours.  If something did arrive, you may mail it back (ideally, postage due) and keep the tracking number.  If the bank follows up to ask for proof, share the tracking number and the refund is yours.

If the company delivered something different than you paid for, delivered more than 30 days late, didn’t answer your request, refused to accept a return, or there was any problem with return address, tell them and the refund is yours.

Banks make money from providing this service – they’re strongly on the side of consumers. Also, they review accounts that receive many disputes.  Too many and the account may be cancelled.

We’ve seen cheated victims of Conlan Press go empty-handed without knowing about this protection.  Knowledge is Power – use it today.

Victim: “Conlan Press has no intention of refunding my money”. Feel hurt and cheated? We’ll give you a voice.

Conlan Press has no intention of refunding my money… I, along with many other Last Unicorn fans, have been scammed by Conlan Press… Never, ever, EVER buy anything directly from Conlan Press.”New victim report (9/30/15)

There is help:

See how the offender, Connor Cochran, struggles to reject accountability since this site exposed his ten year history of scamming customers:

  • Whistleblower employee Michael Bolger was trashed as a coverup – until Cochran’s story fell apart.  He was forced to renounce it and remove Bolger.
  • Public pressure forced Cochran to make a public refund promise to every cheated customer in December 2014.
  • Refund promises were broken again and again.  The scandal continues NOW.

More from September 30, 2015:  “CONLAN PRESS FRUSTRATIONS”

The show was this April (2015)… After the show we had Peter S. Beagle sign a few prints we purchased and we also pre-ordered a print.  At the time of purchase they told us that the delivery time would be approximately 4-6 weeks and that we would get updates via e-mail.  A few days later I ordered the new DVD on their website as well.  On June 19th we hadn’t heard anything, or received our print, so I sent an e-mail to them.  My first e-mail was ignored so I sent a follow-up email on July 3rd…

I was told that the items I had purchased would not be available and that I could get substitute items or a refund.  I opted for a refund and was then told that they would have to mail me a check since it had been more than 60 days since I placed my orders and that a check would be mailed out in a week.

I checked in today and am now being told that the checks aren’t really going to take a week, but four.  So now I am reasonably sure that Conlan Press has no intention of refunding my money.”

At the link, notice the very interesting detail that Cochran refused requests for email that could document promises in writing, using phone instead after being asked not to.

How many years ago did cheating and lying become a way of business? Newly reported to


I came across a link to your website documenting the troubles with Conlan Press and the old frustration and anger over this thing came right back.  The last time I brought it up was a discussion via another fan forum for perfume about a year ago. If another anecdote does you any good, you’re welcome to use it.

In 2005, I was still living at home, not yet married, working, and came across a blog post by Neil Gaiman talking about how Peter S. Beagle had found a place for his work at Conlan Press and that they were doing an audiobook deal with a first-look chance to get a copy of the novella Two Hearts.

None of this is remotely on Mr. Gaiman, but encouraged by this news I went to look at Conlan’s website and was one of, I don’t know, the first couple hundred to pre-order this specific edition at some fifty dollars.  This was to be a kind of birthday thing for myself, the initial release date lining up roughly over the summer.

Much of this doesn’t matter.  What matters is that now in 2015 nothing has ever come of this.  I’ve married the guy I was dating that summer, I’ve moved across the country, I’ve changed jobs several times, lost old emails, and the bank from which Connor Cochran took my then-costly fifty bucks has gone entirely out of business.  I’ve tried to contact them several times over the years and never heard back.

And I’ve still never read Two Hearts.  I’ve never had the heart to.

I’ve told a few people I feel like the whole situation was a little Molly Grue.  I moved on, but the story I loved so much now has some bitterness in every reading.  It’s a small thing, but The Last Unicorn was and is one of my favorite stories.  I hadn’t known how broad the theft conducted by Conlan Press was.  Now that I know, I’m that much more upset.  If there’s anything more I can do besides share yet another ‘we got screwed’ tale, let me know.  And again, you’re welcome to use this email.

Best, K

For as long as Connor Cochran refuses accountability and has anything to do with customers, this scandal won’t go away. Let’s make REAL solutions to stealing and lying. We’ll do everything possible to honor your sadness and frustration, by making your voices heard.  Send your story to

One more tale of sadness from the Last Unicorn Tour website:



New victim reports: “This has been well over a decade they have held my money…”

 New at the Better Business Bureau:


New at Ripoff Report:

Connor Cochran of Conlan Press recieved a check from me shortly after January 10th, 2009, and in return, I was supposed to recieve a Deluxe Last Unicorn hardcover. After many years and explanations given for delays (and much patience on my part), I have still recieved nothing, as have countless other fans. I requested a refund by email in 2011 but was ignored.

New reader comment:

My husband and I have been huge fans of The Last Unicorn since we were kids, and when we got engaged, he ordered the commemorative edition of “Two Hearts.” That was back in 2006. We are now married and have two kids, the oldest nearly 4. Still nothing…

Dear victims and future members of the Ten Year Club, here’s where to seek real help:

Continuing scandal at

Lindsey September 9, 2015 at 10:22 am

Hi! I’ve placed an order back in April for the “KUBO FILM CONCEPT PAINTING 1 — UNICORN/AMALTHEA NUDE LIMITED EDITION” and a pre-order of the “2015 “Enchanted Edition” Blu-Ray/DVD Combo” and I am growing unhappy with the lack of information in regard to when these items will be shipped. I know, the charming sales kid you had at the screening said it could be 4-8 weeks. I don’t want to be impatient so I was wondering if there was a timeline for the shipment of these items or if somehow my order was misplaced because I still have the invoice and the transaction. Most companies do not take people’s money before at the very least sending shipping notice…

Ingrid September 7, 2015 at 11:50 am

I am writing because during the Arlington, MA showing in May I ordered a couple of books and a print. I haven’t received any information and answer of an email I sent a week ago. I understand Peter’s health situation but the lack of communication is not good. At this rate I am not even happy with my order since it has been such a long time. Please advice.

Emily Gensamer September 1, 2015 at 6:46 am

I have a question, my husband Thomas Gensamer and I went to the show in SJ. We had ordered a singed copy of the DVD and a Lady Amalthea HD photo. They said it would come to us within 10-12 weeks. This was about 13 or 14 weeks ago now, should we be worried?

Elizabeth August 27, 2015 at 8:08 pm

I’m very sad to hear that Peter is not doing very well… Also, I was wondering….. since I made purchases back in May and in June for items that i requested his signature for, would it be possible to just go ahead and receive the items without signage? Or is it too late?

Christina August 27, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Hi I was at the show in April in El Paso TX and I still haven’t received my items. I ordered the DVD and my friend ordered a collection of Peters books. Do you have any update on when we may receive the order?01

Bethany Russell August 26, 2015 at 1:50 am

I may have been unsubscribed from the emails. Can you add me back in? I also ordered a signed copy of a dvd maybe last year? – I seriously don’t remember when it was, but it was an advance order- was going to be sent out whenever they were ready. Are there any updates on those?

Nate August 25, 2015 at 9:39 am

Hey, I ordered some books when you guys came to Austin but they still haven’t arrived and I haven’t received any emails about them. I tried emailing the but I haven’t never got a reply.

Caitlin August 24, 2015 at 10:56 am

Hi, I pre-ordered a signed copy of the new edition Last Unicorn DVD back in June and haven’t received it, nor any word of when those might ship. Any news on when we might expect to see those start to send out? Also, I’ve never received confirmation of having been added to the tour e-mail list, even though I signed up at a screening in Maine in May and have sent them one or two e-mails asking. Can you please add me?

Jennifer Street August 22, 2015 at 12:15 am

I was at the screening earlier this year at the Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas, TX. I ordered one of the really nice expensive prints, but have yet to receive it. Is there an ETA on when I should be getting this?

Racheal Williams August 7, 2015 at 9:22 am

I just wanted to ask if all of the Canadian shipping issues had been worked out? We had ordered a print at the show and haven’t heard anything yet on if and when it will be coming. We paid cash for everything.

Matthew Stelting July 16, 2015 at 11:20 am

Hello, I was at the show in April and have not received any word on the status of items that I ordered. I see that there’s some issues with Conlan Press moving now that I’m here but I would like to request to be added to the tour membership. I used the proper email link at Conlan Press when I realized I forgot to sign up, but never got a reply and in the comments it seems the email system didn’t really work to begin with, so, I’m not on the list could you please at freyth [at] to the tour membership?


Shaina Noyes-Girard July 8, 2015 at 9:06 am

I was at the Plymouth nh show and bought a copy of the new book with a quote and I haven’t received it yet. Any ideas on what happened? Thanks

Sarah Mosher July 7, 2015 at 12:38 pm

I am also inquiring on an order I made back in May at the Portland, Maine Showing~ I ordered the “Better-Beagle-Bundle” and am excited & curious to know when I may expect the shipment?

Christina July 6, 2015 at 3:11 pm

Hi Connor, first of all, I am really glad that the tour finally came to Germany… However, I was a bit disappointed that the “event” itself was not special at all :/ …I knew that Peter wouldn’t be there and am absolutely fine with that, but it was nowhere mentioned that there wouldn’t be anyone at all… Honestly, I am a bit sad.  Maybe next time something like this happens you shouldn’t mention that each event will still be special because surely I am not the only person misinterpreting this piece information and running to false conclusions.

Mandy Wood June 15, 2015 at 8:23 am

I ordered a signed copy of The Last Unicorn back on like April 28….. Any ideas if and when I should be receiving the book? I’m seeing all sorts of scarey stuff all over the internet about people getting “scammed” by Collan Press… Hoping it’s not true. Thankfully I paid with paypal if it is true but would much rather have the book.

Jessie Dias June 14, 2015 at 5:27 pm

Hi my mom and i ordered a bunch of stuff when u guys were on tour in Houston TX but we havent gotten anything we ordered yet and were not sure why are u guys waiting till the tour is totally over or are u just backed up on orders?

Ried June 10, 2015 at 7:22 pm

I want to say I loved going to the theater to see the movie on the big screen! I went to the Portsmouth showing back in May and purchased one of the amazing prints. When is it I can expect this to be shipped again? We think we remember someone saying three weeks but we’ve passed that mark now and I don’t see anywhere on the site which gives a suggestion on when to expect one if bought.


Kacey Pate June 4, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Hi, I don’t know how to get ahold of the people who sell the merchendise after the showings. In December I went to the show at Prime 11 Cinemas in Anderson, Can and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my order… My sister contacted then a month after the event and they said they would call me but as far as I know I haven’t been contacted. If there is any way that you could point me in the right direction on who to talk to that’d be amazing. Thank you!

Danielle June 3, 2015 at 9:52 am

Hello, I have sent a couple of emails to for help with an item I purchased at a show. Is there a better email address to use? I haven’t heard anything for 3 weeks.

Kristen May 31, 2015 at 7:23 pm

I went to the Salem, MA showing but I was unable to sign up for the membership then, so I tried sending an email multiple times but never got a response back to say whether or now they had received my information. What do I do? Or will someone contact me?

Kimberly Severson May 19, 2015 at 9:18 am

Hi! I went to the screening with two of my wonderful friends back in March in Tucson, AZ… That night we ordered the special edition signed books and now I’m just wondering when we should expect them to arrive? I think I remember hearing that it would take a couple months but I just wanted to make sure!


Domenica May 12, 2015 at 2:55 pm

Who do I need to contact about a tracking # regarding purchases made at a screening here in Texas (Richardson)?

Michelle April 19, 2015 at 4:26 pm

My boyfriend and I attended the show at the Laemmle Royal on Santa Monica in California on January 20, 2015 and purchased one of the special signed books that cost us $65.40 each and both of us paid with our debit cards. The guy that made the sale said that the book would be sent to us in about a month. We have never received our copies. Do you have any updates about this?

Amanda April 6, 2015 at 6:26 am

I ordered a book with special illustrations years ago and STILL not received the book. I’m not happy!

Ashlynn Hurley April 5, 2015 at 11:08 am

I Signed up a year ago when I saw the tour in Canada for a book, and I still have not gotten any responses from anyone 🙁

Samantha Gonzalez-Montenegro January 11, 2015 at 4:09 pm

I still have not received my print that I purchased on Oct 1st in Rochester, MN. I have not received any emails other than my receipt of purchase… I have written on Nov 30th and Dec 17th inquiring and was told within the week. Any idea where or when my print will be sent and arrive to me?

Samantha Gonzalez-Montenegro December 17, 2014 at 7:32 pm

I wrote on here on November 30th inquiring about when I would receive my print that I purchased on Oct 1st when you all were here in Rochester, MN. You stated that it would be coming and I would receive an email with a tracking number. I am just following up as it is 2.5 weeks later and still have not received anything. Could you find out what happened to my print and when will I receive it?

Kari Fister December 12, 2014 at 10:56 pm

Hi! I was at your last showing in Portland at the Hollywood Theatre, and was one of the folks who put down the $50 to get the special edition graphic novel of The Last Unicorn. If you recall, it had shipped to the wrong area before the show and so we were placing the orders which would then get to us by the end of November. It’s the middle of December and I haven’t seen it arrive yet.

Megan Rabon December 4, 2014 at 4:13 pm

I paid for a graphic novel at the Portland oregon show and they were supposed to be shipped to people because they didn’t arrive at the right location but it never came?

Samantha Gonzalez-Montenegro November 30, 2014 at 2:22 am

Hello, I purchased a print on Oct 1st when you all were here in Rochester, MN. I was wondering how long this was suppose to take to get to me as I have not received it. I was hoping to have it by now so that I can get a frame made for it. Please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

Amanda Colson November 21, 2014 at 10:41 pm

I special ordered one of Peter’s books since you didn’t have any copies available & was wondering if I might expect it before Christmas? Any idea how long I’ll have to wait?!

Amanda Colson December 10, 2014 at 4:13 pm

Should I have received my book yet? I still haven’t seen it!

Amanda Colson December 18, 2014 at 8:49 am

Did you send me an email & tracking number yet? … I got an email from FedEx regarding a failed delivery & contacted them, only to hear it was a scam! Yikes!

Dominique Audet Benoit November 10, 2014 at 9:45 am

Hi, I came to see the show when you came in Montreal, Quebec in may last summer and I bought one of the prints after the show. A while after I read that you were having trouble with shipping and customs and that the merchandise would be delayed. I was wondering how is the situation with all that and if I can expect to receive the print soon.

When you pay a company, do you expect service and goods?   Or missing, hazy, and pretend delivery dates that turn into repeated series of string-along excuses… until you join the Ten Year Club?

Lessons to learn from guilty denial of fraud by Conlan Press – Part Four.

The secrets are out about the mess Connor Cochran made by defrauding Peter Beagle fans.  So far, pressure forced him to make a public refund promise, and retract attacks he made against whistleblower employee Michael Bolger to distract attention. But he plays victim about the harm he did.  Here’s what you’re really hearing when you hear denial about it.

10) Shady partners show “birds of a feather”.

Associating with crooks may happen unintentionally.  But honest people don’t do it knowingly. It’s indefensible with the evidence on the table.

Bleeding Cool’s report about this story added new disreputable association with artists of the Last Unicorn comic.

Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz are also still accused themselves of non-delivery and delay of projects from the Peter Pan graphic novel Kickstarter, to the Womanthology Kickstarter, as well as repeated stories of commissioned work that was extremely delayed or never fulfilled.

Cochran’s sordid partnership with ex-lawyer Charles Petit, whose license was taken away, has a few more background details.  Petit represented writer Harlan Ellison, and helped cause Ellison’s reputation for “litigious rampages” against everyone – like suing AOL because a piece of Ellison’s writing was posted to a newsgroup.  Petit represented Ellison to sue publisher Fantagraphics in their 30-year feud that was called an “adolescent pissing contest.”  And Petit had a role with The SF Writer’s Association that’s very embarrassing in hindsight: he served their Literary Fraud Committee – before he lost his license for doing fraud.

Petit was the chosen partner for a routine of bullying and scrubbing stories of anyone who complains about being scammed.  As a reader said: “if only Con-nor put as much effort into making customers happy as into arguing and suing…”

11) The biggest disappointment of all.

Message received from an ex associate of Connor Cochran:

Glad to see someone is finally calling Connor out in public for his scams… it’s worth noting that even though Conlan Press has been around since 2005 it  has yet to publish a single thing. All they are is a Peter Beagle signature factory that sells other people’s stuff. The only correction I would make is that I don’t believe Peter is as innocent in this fraud as he would like us to believe. I bought into that fairy tale at first because that’s the story you want to believe. The sad truth is that he’s allowed himself to be put in these situation and is silently complicit, as long as he gets his $3K a month in rent and living expenses I honestly don’t think he cares who gets burned.


If true, that crosses a line from injustice for duped victims, to something worse.

If true, it’s very sad to hear this about a creative hero.  Beagle is surrounded by fans and handlers shielding him from reality – while a con man uses him for a shield.  It’s like finding out a benevolent community organization has a bad secret.  (Actually it’s a company with a website full of them.)

But can you blame an old writer, with bad business experiences that would tire anyone?  Beagle just wanted to write- and let the ends justify the means.

Every saint is human, with human faults.  Passivity isn’t the worst fault in the world.  Failure to act, when alerted about scamming, can be charitably called sad.  It was sad that Beagle stayed passive when whistleblower Mike Bolger quit Conlan Press and tried to alert him – with nothing to gain except doing the right thing.  The right thing was stopped, and Bolger was trashed for it.

The burden of blame falls on Connor Cochran – and other knowing supporters who can read the story now. They deny, push back, and want to kill it again.



Cochran treats fairy tale believers as easy targets.  You can hear him chortling about taking candy from babies.  He fluffs them up to believe anything about their hero.  Dirty business happens behind the front of nice old Peter.  If smoke and mirrors fail, a sob story about Peter is Cochran’s nuclear bomb against complaints.  After all, if a complainer doesn’t buy it- many others can turn on them.

Peter’s poorness and bills, dead mom, house troubles, hard work, “cramped hand” from writing… whatever it takes to make an excuse, Cochran will say it.  He plays a violin and sings Peter’s name. He strews it around like sweet sawdust on a puddle of puke.  “Peter wants…” You can hear the heartstrings while the cash register rings.

“Why can’t Beagle speak for himself? Why is it continually, ‘Peter says this,’ ‘Peter likes this’? The guy is a con artist.

If you see a statement about business from Peter Beagle, it’s dictated by Connor Cochran and puppeteers. Beagle doesn’t manage his Twitter account or his career. If you tried to get in touch, it would happen through a handler making a false front.

“I reached out to everyone associated with Peter Beagle and Cochran including the Twitter account claiming to be the “official” Twitter account of Peter S. Beagle; surprise, it isn’t. It was just another layer between the fans and Mr. Beagle set up by Cochran.” – victim

In response to this story, Beagle supposedly dismisses all intricate details, with an empty little statement posted by his Twitter account manager.  Supposedly, you should trust a second-hand denial that says “you can count on it.”  Ignore countless corroborating complaints.

Some eat it up like they want to be treated like suckers, and don’t care if it happens to others.  Meanwhile, other trusting people are left in the dark, who haven’t even realized there’s a story at all.

At risk are uninformed fans, liable to get cheated against their will.  Hopefully they won’t learn the hard way.  People of conscience need to tell everyone at risk.

12) Future innocent victims deserve truth.

When an unrepentantly lying businessman gets away with cheating – the ends do not justify the means.

For deniers, it’s your money to burn if Cochran steals it.  There’s no use for “wake up, sheeple!” messages.  It’s enough to point out what’s actually happening to victims, and leave a warning for others who haven’t yet been harmed.

This site is here for good to record it.  In a few years – when your Last Unicorn audiobooks are STILL never delivered – remember, you were warned.

It’s encouraging that pressure from this site forced a public refund offer. That wouldn’t have happened without it. But it wasn’t initiated honestly. Buyers should not be rudely surprised when delivery dates pass for goods that were never produced, and then they must beg and plead for refunds instead of finding them in their mailbox.  Victims deserved to be sought and told the truth, instead of having it squeezed out of the cheater’s fists.  You’ll see how hard Cochran rages against truth in the push back to the story.

Keep watching for new reports.