Reader: conned by remaindered books sold at full retail.

A reader reports:


Well, you seem to have Connor on the ropes if the removal of all his lying “updates” on the Conlan Press website is any indication. Keep up the good work. My story is like that of so many others who’ve been shafted by Connor, so I won’t bore you with all the details, except to say that I saw the “extra super deluxe” con coming from a mile away and didn’t bite. Also, one thing you haven’t mentioned is books from CP all being remaindered or factory seconds. I’ve ordered (and received, often after several months wait) a few paperbacks over the years, and all of them had Sharpie remainder marks on the outside edge; a pretty clear indication that he’s padding his profit margin by acquirng cheap stock and then reselling a full retail. Additionally, my “deluxe” Last Unicorn hardcover (signed, but no story fragment or drawing) is misbound slightly, and it seems to me was probably a factory reject.

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