Conlan Press Facebook page has new reports from rip-off victims.

Please share these reports to protect fellow humans at risk, or if you’re a victim of Connor Cochran’s decade of scamming.  A recent comment to this site reports Cochran’s mistreatment of movie tour volunteers (more details soon.)  And new reports are coming out about his predatory business practices.

See Conlan Press reviews on Facebook.

1 STAR – “Nearly a year now I have been waiting for an item I ordered at an event. Too late for a refund from my credit card company, it becomes clear that Conlan never had any intention to mail the items I ordered. Buyer beware: odds are pretty good you’ll never get your books/prints/etc.”

1 STAR – “So many excuses for not delivering items their customers have paid for. Very disappointing.”

1 STAR – “THE LAST UNICORN Unabridged Audiobook, CD Edition – Two Hearts – Special Sequel to THE LAST UNICORN. Ordered in July of 2006 – almost TEN years ago! Still have not received the CDs or the hardcover copy of TWO HEARTS. There has been nothing but excuse after excuse after excuse… And the delays are always someone else’s fault. Went to their “new” website on 12/23/15 and sent an email to everyone listed from Connor on down asking for updates. On 12/26/15, received a reply from… “Customer Relations Goddess” (her signature) – which said the same old thing. I responded to her on 12/27/15 and have heard nothing since.”

The below complaint recently filed with the Better Business Bureau echoes the history of run-around, denial, and deliberate withholding of goods and money.

It was over 9 months in this case.  This customer is lucky not to have a 10-year wait, and ONLY lose the cost of a DVD… while others are suing Cochran for millions!


Sent payment for pre-order in March for item to be shipped in June. It’s now November and never received item. Given run-around for receiving refund.
Placed order (#XXXXX)on 3/6/2015 for a signed copy of THE LAST UNICORN – 2015 “Enchanted Edition” Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack pre-order that would be shipped June 2015. Purchased item from and paid $19.19 VIA PayPal account (Transaction ID: 7GXXXXXXRXXXXXXXN).

First notified in July that there would be a delay in shipment do to the author having medical problems. Received email on 9/11/15 stating they finally received stock of item, that the item would not be signed due to author’s medical condition, and unsigned items would be sent out in mid-October. Was also given choice to receive a refund and provided with Customer Relations contact ****** Keefer (****** Emailed back a forth with ****** a few times to figure situation and options out. Sent email to ****** on 10/6/15 stating that I would like to request a refund for the item. Received email from ****** on 10/7/15 confirming my request and saying she forward my request to ****** ******* to process refund and was told to allow 4 weeks for refund to arrive by check. Received email from ****** on 11/3/15 saying:

“Status of your refund:
When the money came in at the end of the summer from the European shows that did not get cancelled, it ended up being less than one quarter of the initial estimate. That, along with other expenses and lack of revenue means that refunds are not going out as we had anticipated that they would be.

There are some new and exciting things happening (like the sales of the ebooks on Amazon right now) and potential other deals that will bring in money so that we can issue refunds. At this time there is literally not enough money in the bank to issue refunds.

We have an accurate, up to date, current list of customers who have asked for refunds and where to send the check. I do not have a firm date right now when the checks will be sent out. However, you are not forgotten and we remain committed to issuing you a refund as you have requested. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work through this very difficult time.”

Emailed ****** on 11/7/15 saying: Thank you for keeping everyone updated during this confusing time and I appreciate everyone’s effort to amend the situation. However, I believe I have been extremely patient. I sent payment in March for an item that should have been shipped in June. It’s now November. Unless a refund can be issued and proven in the next week, I will begin disputing the charge with my bank and/or Paypal.”

Received no indication of refund or further communication from ****** over the next week.

Sent follow up email to ****** today (11/17/15). Have yet to hear back.

The Last Unicorn Tour investors are suing Connor Cochran because they were treated just as deceptively as the above customers.  

Their lawsuit reveals fraudulent misuse of hundreds of thousands of their dollars.  Read it and take one guess for why Conlan Press has “literally not enough money in the bank to issue refunds:”

Upon information and belief, the Company Defendants are and were extremely undercapitalized as all, or most, of the revenues and monies yielded from the Company Defendants’ business were and have been drained from the Company Defendants and transferred to Defendant Cochran… for his own personal use…

Defendants completely failed to maintain the books and record… and, instead, simply converted all such funds Plaintiffs remitted for personal use.

Defendants have completely failed and/or refused to account for the use of Plaintiffs’ funds and have completely failed and/or refused to return any of Plaintiffs’ funds. Instead, to satisfy their personal debts and/or living expenses, Defendants wrongfully and unlawfully intentionally converted Plaintiffs’ funds for Defendants’ personal use…

Defendants… made material misrepresentations and false assurances to Plaintiffs, including, without limitation, the promise that… Defendants would not convert such funds for Defendants’ personal use.

Defendants’ misrepresentations and assurances in this regard were designed to entice Plaintiffs, at Plaintiffs’ significant detriment and expense, to pay Defendants… such representations and promises were false and, in addition, Defendants had no intention of fully performing under the terms of the parties’ Joint Venture Agreement, and knew that all such representations were false when made.

Connor Cochran has refused to make any response to the investor lawsuit.  It happened independently and simultaneously with Peter Beagle’s.  

Instead of taking responsibility for cheating, Cochran has chosen to frivolously countersue Peter’s 17-year life partner and his lawyer, for making the same consistent reports as many other victims…  Or more accurately, to punish Peter for leaving him.

And he’s deceptively scamming customers to fund his abuse – every time he takes your money for merch that you’ll likely never get.  His company newsletter even now begs you to buy Unicorn stuff without mentioning any lawsuit.

Place your bets about how soon bankruptcy is coming for Conlan Press – an “extremely undercapitalized” false-front company, hit with multiple lawsuits for over $50 million.

4 thoughts on “Conlan Press Facebook page has new reports from rip-off victims.

  1. Nailed it. Thanks, guys.

    And Peter is now having to live as close to the bone as anyone possibly can and still have a roof over his head. The supportpeterbeagle donations link is for Peter’s legal defense; unlike Connor, Peter has no stock of his own books that he can sell to raise money for things like going to an occasional movie, or seeing some friends play live music.

    I honestly wish I were a deist, and believed in hell. Connor has damaged so many people, on so many levels.

  2. That’s just the thing.

    He uses the excuse of stress and family drama to explain why he can’t simply drop something in the mail, but yet he finds the time and energy to go online to post and advertise his products. He also finds the time to fool around on Reddit and other sites… So despite the drama and stress, he can create new ads & monologue posts? See, a lot of this merchandise people buy does not request a signature from Peter. So Peter not being accessible at the moment is not an excuse. It’s like a school boy trying to tell you he didn’t do his homework because it was raining outside. No, dear, that’s not gonna fly in court.

    Of course, he’s not taking responsibility for cheating. We aren’t just talking possible fines, we’re talking jail time. I know he likes to relocate a lot, may I suggest Nigeria next? If I were him, I’d plead insanity–it would be the only believable excuse.

    • I think his narcissism won’t allow it. That’s the thing with sociopathy: they honestly believe they’re so much smarter than the rest of the world, they can’t wrap their swollen little brains around the idea that, oh dear, THEY LOSE.

      And he’s going to lose.

  3. Guys! Guys, guys, guys, guys……

    I planned to sell my unicorn artwork over conlanpress but now I found this site and decided to sell it myself to my fans without a permission from conlandpress and will send a check to the original author.

    They can call a lawyer but then I will collect all victims and will do a class action lawsuit !!!

    you should create a kickstarter project and all victims could sepnd some money for doing a class action lawsuit against mr Cochran.

    Its a shame for the merchandise and all the fans

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