Peter S. Beagle fans, speak out! Your help is wanted to verify info publicized by Fans Against Fraud, with a new attorney joining the fight for fairness.

UPDATE: This message is approved by Peter S. Beagle, who says: “I support Patrick Lake. I urge anyone who has ever ordered any merchandise from Conlan Press, and received neither their merchandise nor a refund, or has complaints about Connor Cochran’s business practices, to please contact Patrick’s legal representation, David M. Helbraun, at”

Dear readers of Fans Against Fraud,

Many of you know that as a result of FAF’s efforts to publicize business practices of Connor Cochran and his Conlan Press, he has sued one of the persons who have been critical of him in the past, Patrick Lake.

A few years ago, Patrick was forced to get a lawyer to pursue Cochran for broken promises, after he signed a contract with Patrick but refused to live up to it.  Cochran then attacked Patrick, claiming he “forged” Cochran’s signature on the contract, and proceeded to sue Patrick.

As a news source said about Cochran’s tactical accusations in another matter:

“Given the general tone of the accusations and how things have shaken out thus far, fans may be forgiven if they cast a jaundiced eye on them.”

LAST UNICORN Author Peter S Beagle Mentally OK, Heirs’ Lawyer Quits – Kelly Luck,, 7/13/2016

On behalf of Patrick, we’re asking everyone whose stories or concerns about Cochran were ever posted on FAF (or even kept confidential and unpublished) to please contact Patrick’s attorney at  

Please come forward, and be willing to give a signed statement about the truth of things said here about Cochran and his business practices. Without support from the community of Peter Beagle fans, the Truth will become a casualty of Connor Cochran’s scorched-earth tactics.

This site is dedicated to fairness and supporting others- whether it’s about consumer rights, or righting other wrongs. We hope you’ll help.

REMINDER: Please also contact Peter Beagle’s attorney if you can help with his ongoing fight. Peter isn’t being paid for sales of his work by Conlan Press, The Last Unicorn Tour, ebooks on Amazon, and more.  If you have paid during December 2015 or later, please contact (Be aware that Cochran’s tactical accusations against Peter and his attorney have already been thrown out of court).

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