Peter Beagle wasn’t just cheated for his money, but his mom’s too

Peter Beagle supports the mission to expose and fix bad business practices by Connor Cochran. Connor is facing litigation in relation to this site – never trust info about it sourced from him.

Peter Beagle’s lawsuit against ex-manager Connor Cochran has gone to trial (with pauses) and is due to conclude in December, if there are no delays. (UPDATE: following trial, judgement may happen between now and late February 2019.)

Here’s the newly filed closing brief for the trial. It offers new details about how Cochran targeted a niche of senior citizens and defrauded Peter. After gaining control of Peter’s career, in 2006 Cochran began pitching deals with Peter’s intellectual property to investors, calling it a “Connor Cochran Venture”. He estimated Peter’s work as worth $15 billion, and sought $30 million for a 40% share. Everything was planned to make Cochran rich.

In 2008 he was able to get Peter to sign rights over to a corporation he formed (Avicenna) – but Peter received nothing for it.  According to the brief, Peter was only shown the Articles of Incorporation, while the Bylaws granted all power to Cochran. This was hidden from Peter’s knowledge until he was forced to sue.

It went beyond just stealing Peter’s worth to ruining his family.  Cochran gained access to Peter’s inheritance when his mother died, and “transferred thousands of dollars from The Rebecca S. Beagle Trust into his personal account without Beagle’s knowledge.” It was “systematically looted under Cochran’s management; although it is a checking account and therefore is able to pay any valid bills of the Trust directly, over fifty thousand dollars was simply transferred out of the account within the first six months that Cochran was in charge.” (P. 15)

Remember all the excuses Cochran made about inability to deliver goods that he sold to customers, while money supposedly went to costs of the death of Peter’s mother?  Now we find out that money was coming from her Trust and from customers too…

Where did the money really go?

In 2014, this page listed Cochran’s years of excuses for undelivered products. Peter’s mom is named:

A late 2014 screenshot from – Cochran was STILL blaming the 2006 death of Peter’s mom for the latest set of failed promises:

A look back at a cheated customer’s story from 2016 – not shared here before.

It’s another reinforcing story about Cochran’s bad deeds.

I had no idea Beagle was basically being pushed to exhaustion, all the money from the lovely things there filtered away from him and into Cochran’s pocket, and that anyone Beagle tried to talk to alone would get Cochran telling them how old and confused he was — including cutting Beagle off from his own family.

That Cochran, after getting Beagle out from under a predatory contract, turned around and preyed on him all over again.

I had no idea, since I wasn’t planning to buy anything that wasn’t on the table at the time, that many, if not all, of the people who did sign up to pre-pay for special packages have never received them, that Cochran keeps promising late and later dates. Up to 12 years.

New comments from customers in late 2018 – 13 years with no goods:

Keep Peter in your thoughts and wish him success. What an amazing christmas present it would be to finally get the victory he deserves.

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