Bankruptcy filed by Connor Cochran – alert for anyone awaiting merchandise from Conlan Press.

Peter Beagle supports the mission to expose and fix bad business practices by Connor Cochran. Connor is facing litigation in relation to this site – never trust info about it sourced from him.

Colleen Doran gave even more perspective on Peter Beagle’s fight. She’s a NY Times bestselling comics creator and a great source for creator’s rights.

The story of legal action until now:

In the early 2000’s, Connor Cochran took control of Peter’s career. While operating in Peter’s name, he gained screening rights to the Last Unicorn movie, took in a $500,000 settlement for it, and started a tour that sold large amounts of merchandise for the business Connor controlled.

Meanwhile, as exposed by this site, Connor was dodging a judgement of $83,000 he owed to his ex wife since 1999. That meant running personal finances through company accounts to hide them and claim little to no income, according to legal documents about it. Behind the front of doing good for Peter, Connor also cheated countless customers who are still waiting for goods since 2005, stiffed vendors on debts, and took a large amount of money from an elderly kid’s art teacher, before countersuing to beat back her attempts to get what she was owed.

Then he sued his own family for money from his mother’s estate, based on his word that she was alcoholic and mentally unfit. The courts rejected his claims. Multiple lawsuits against his family were thrown out in 2014.

In 2015, Peter Beagle sued him (it was followed by another lawsuit for hundreds of thousands from The Last Unicorn Tour investors). Cochran responded by:

  1. Claiming Peter was alcoholic and mentally unfit.
  2. Conspiring with Peters kids to put him in conservatorship. It was thrown out.
  3. Suing Peter’s lawyer. It was thrown out.
  4. Countersuing Peter. It was thrown out.

The scummy tactics always blame someone or something else for problems in which Cochran is the common denominator. When the claims fail he shifts to a new scapegoat or delay game. Dragging on forever runs up costs so he can take what he wants, using the court process – a venue for resolving conflict – as a weapon.

Latest tactics, January 2018:

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Peter Beagle lawsuit news: Connor Cochran’s bullying tactics slammed by the court, Connor loses countersuit against Peter.

Peter Beagle supports the mission to expose and fix bad business practices by Connor Cochran. (The long history starts in the sidebar.) Connor is also being countersued in relation to this site – Don’t believe any info about it sourced from him.

Court says “frivolous” in black and white. (10/24/17)

In a hail-mary move, Connor Cochran recently tried to get Peter Beagle’s entire lawsuit thrown out. Peter is suing for 15 causes. 14 of them prevailed, with the remaining one being covered by another one. Assuming no further delay, Connor will have to defend himself at trial for fraud and elder abuse in January 2018.

Connor’s pretext for attacking Peter’s causes was “lack of evidence” – it’s a circular argument when the evidence is being withheld.  The court wasn’t fooled: “The fact that Beagle does not know how much money was unpaid is apparently due to Defendants’ refusal to provide him an accounting, as alleged.” (You can look at court records by searching case RG15794528, or read the judgement PDF.)

The judgement also grants truth to what close observers have known for a long time: “The vast majority of Defendants’ motion may accurately be characterized as frivolous.” Connor was just stalling and inflicting costs to try avoiding any consequences for wrongdoing.

In legal terms, frivolous doesn’t just mean silly.  It means inherently unjust, lacking in merit, or otherwise unscrupulous – something done by bullies.  Before the judge said it, our last post dug into Connor’s history of abusive legal tactics against his opponents (from elderly ex-clients to his own family).  We’ve been describing Connor as “power abuser and bully” since 2014, when we promised the site would stay live until fairness is won. Now we’re happy to see validation for what we’ve been saying since the start, but even more happy for Peter. Peter’s case is alive and well, and nobody who is confident about defending would use such sleazy tactics to avoid consequences.

But Connor keeps trying.  (The definition of insanity comes to mind.)

Connor is claiming that he wrote Peter Beagle’s work – a move to “humiliate and punish an old man he was supposed to be helping” – Peter fires back.

A comment from Connor describing how he intends to seize Peter’s recent novel In Calabria from its publisher and correct it with Connor’s own idea of how the book should be written:

Linked at, or from his friend/editor:

A statement from Peter S. Beagle, in direct response to Connor Cochran's claims of co-authorship to Peter's stories….

Posted by Deborah Grabien on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Peter’s complete answer to Connor’s claims:

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New filing in Peter Beagle’s lawsuit shows Connor Cochran’s history of abusive legal tactics.

Peter Beagle supports the call to the report of the lost merchandise from Conlan Press and bad business practices by Connor Cochran. Take action! (More in sidebar.) Connor Cochran is being countersued in relation to this site – Do not believe any info about it sourced from him.

Check out  the new post on Peter’s support site with a legal filing for sanctions against Connor. It describes his dirty legal tactics against Peter, and his history of gaming the system. It led to many court orders against him, including:

  • In 2016, Connor sued Peter’s lawyer with a claim that she was causing “undue influence” by simply representing Peter.  She won and the court awarded her $24,915 for legal fees. Connor refuses to pay it.
  • In another case in 2017, he was ordered to pay $3,000 for refusing to produce documents. (See page 34 in the filing).
  • In 2014, a Los Angeles court sentenced Connor to jail for contempt. Yet again, it was for refusing to produce documents in a complaint by Connor’s ex-wife about an $83,502.64 debt he refused to pay. (See page 37-39 in the filing.)

Connor’s jail sentence was settled by 60 hours of community service and 3 years of probation. (That means he was on probation from 2014-2017 during The Last Unicorn Tour, while he hustled Peter around and made him sleep on couches.)  To avoid jail, he was also ordered to pay $11,562 for his ex-wife’s legal fees.

Pay attention to the costs made by this behavior.

Stretching out the legal process is Connor’s weapon. He runs up costs for others while leveraging cheap service for himself  by an unlicensed lawyer (Charles Petit, who lost his license for cheating a client). The more Connor delays, the more power he gains from mismatched resources.  

That’s why the court is NOT equal access here. Anyone without a movie and free lawyer service is fighting on a tilted field. That’s how Connor preys.

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Peter Beagle seeks an injunction to stop unlawful sale of his work – his fans don’t know the money funds the opponent he is suing.

Peter Beagle supports the call to report missing merchandise from Conlan Press and bad business practices by Connor Cochran. Take action! (More in sidebar.)

Connor Cochran is being countersued in relation to this site. Don’t believe any info about it sourced from him (all of it is.)

In 2014, Fans Against Fraud blew the whistle about Connor’s record of wrongdoing. He tried to silence it by retaliating against people he accused of involvement with this site.  It resulted in a countersuit for defamation and a firm stand about the truth.

Meanwhile, Peter Beagle is also in the process of suing him. Here’s the main story:


There have been many requests for updates about Peter. Now his official site has posted about the injunction.“If you’re a fan or supporter of Peter’s, this will give you a look at the damage being done to him.” His supporters are working to stop the damage.


Peter’s appeal to the court isn’t just to stop losing money made from his work.  It’s also about how his own work is used against him. When fans think they’re buying goods that support Peter, they’re inadvertently funding Connor’s fight to keep Peter’s rights away. It’s a perverse anti-creator situation.

The document has an exhibit from one fan who may catch your eye.  When she found out about this, it made her speak up for creator’s rights.

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Peter S. Beagle fans, speak out! Your help is wanted to verify info publicized by Fans Against Fraud, with a new attorney joining the fight for fairness.

UPDATE: This message is approved by Peter S. Beagle, who says: “I support Patrick Lake. I urge anyone who has ever ordered any merchandise from Conlan Press, and received neither their merchandise nor a refund, or has complaints about Connor Cochran’s business practices, to please contact Patrick’s legal representation, David M. Helbraun, at”

Dear readers of Fans Against Fraud,

Many of you know that as a result of FAF’s efforts to publicize business practices of Connor Cochran and his Conlan Press, he has sued one of the persons who have been critical of him in the past, Patrick Lake.

A few years ago, Patrick was forced to get a lawyer to pursue Cochran for broken promises, after he signed a contract with Patrick but refused to live up to it.  Cochran then attacked Patrick, claiming he “forged” Cochran’s signature on the contract, and proceeded to sue Patrick.

As a news source said about Cochran’s tactical accusations in another matter:

“Given the general tone of the accusations and how things have shaken out thus far, fans may be forgiven if they cast a jaundiced eye on them.”

LAST UNICORN Author Peter S Beagle Mentally OK, Heirs’ Lawyer Quits – Kelly Luck,, 7/13/2016

On behalf of Patrick, we’re asking everyone whose stories or concerns about Cochran were ever posted on FAF (or even kept confidential and unpublished) to please contact Patrick’s attorney at  

Please come forward, and be willing to give a signed statement about the truth of things said here about Cochran and his business practices. Without support from the community of Peter Beagle fans, the Truth will become a casualty of Connor Cochran’s scorched-earth tactics.

This site is dedicated to fairness and supporting others- whether it’s about consumer rights, or righting other wrongs. We hope you’ll help.

REMINDER: Please also contact Peter Beagle’s attorney if you can help with his ongoing fight. Peter isn’t being paid for sales of his work by Conlan Press, The Last Unicorn Tour, ebooks on Amazon, and more.  If you have paid during December 2015 or later, please contact (Be aware that Cochran’s tactical accusations against Peter and his attorney have already been thrown out of court).

Peter Beagle’s special offer for fans who help him to win justice.

REMINDER- Please contact Peter Beagle’s lawyer if you paid for his work during his lawsuit. Email (with records if possible.)  Peter isn’t being paid for sales of his work including at The Last Unicorn Tour, Conlan Press, ebooks on Amazon, and more.  If you paid in December 2015 or after, please send support. (Remember that false retaliation claims against Peter and his lawyer were THROWN OUT of court, so we can support him to win his lawsuit without distractions.)

Latest news from

“Okay, fans of Peter S. Beagle, I have both good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that Peter is broke, due to the nefarious actions of Connor Cochran (who gets most of the money that is rightfully Peter’s by diverting it into his own pockets). Once Peter wins his lawsuit against Connor and his sham press, that will not be the situation, but it is sadly true now.

Before I tell you the good news, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve supported him in this effect to win back his name. He really appreciates it.

Now the good news. Peter has agreed to create brief original poems, story snippets, song lyrics — whatever he’s in the mood to write, but just for you. This is a unique offer! I know we all cherish our personally-signed books and such, but this is even better!

(A reminder is due here. Do not buy anything signed that Connor is selling, be they prints, TLU cels and so forth, as these monies go into his pockets, not Peter’s. The same holds true for any showings of The Last Unicorn that Connor is currently doing.)

This will be limited to 20 people maximum. The deal would be that the first 20 people who donate at least $150 will get an original, and unique to them, short tidbit personally from Peter by way of thanks. (Of course, this is non-exclusive; we want to be sure Peter retains his copyright to everything he writes.) The donor would be namechecked and the piece would be signed. It wouldn’t have to be fiction: a memory, a snippet, a song lyric. It would be new, nothing recycled. It would be at least a paragraph in length, but not more than a page.

If you feel like giving more, please do so. A hundred percent of these monies (less of course PayPal fees) will support Peter.

Use the Paypal button at top corner of the news at

The fine print: include a note with your PayPal donation. The note must include your name and postal mailing address, as well as the statement that you would like to take advantage of this offer; if you want someone else’s name to be included in the piece (rather than your own), or if you have any other specific requests, say that as well. Please note that Peter is not guaranteeing that he will be able to fulfill any specific request, other than including a specified name in the finished work. If you’re not one of the first 20 people to respond to this, your money will be refunded.”

The countersuit against Peter Beagle’s lawyer is dismissed.

(Have you paid for works of Peter Beagle recently? Please contact his lawyer to help document sales he isn’t being paid for!) 

Here’s more great news for Peter Beagle and his elder abuse lawsuit against his former manager, Connor Cochran. (See sidebar if you aren’t up to date with it).

At every opportunity, Cochran has tried to deflect the truth with a cover story.  Supposedly, Peter is senile and misled with “memory problems” and someone else is the cause of harm.  He set out to countersue the “someone else”.

Cochran has been attacking Peter’s lawyer personally.  On 7/26/16, the Court GRANTED her MOTION TO DISMISS those claims. The Order is below.  It’s another big victory on the path to justice.

Add this to failure of the attempt to get Peter ruled incompetent.  It proves to all that Peter is not incompetent or senile, and not being controlled by his attorney.  Claims that his attorney is somehow personally liable for simply representing Peter to obtain his rights against Cochran are not viable.

Notice that the Order has harsher words than just dismissal.  In the judge’s words, Cochran “appears to fundamentally misunderstand” the legal process he was misusing.  And there’s a motion to sanction Cochran for $25,378.99 for making Peter’s attorney oppose these claims. (UPDATE: The motion for fees is GRANTED and Cochran must pay.)

You can fool the fans some of the time.  But you can’t do it to the judge.  With his cover story failed, Cochran will face the music for what he has done.

This shows that anyone who can afford access to the courts can abuse the process (particularly against people who can’t afford it.) Peter has suffered from lack of finances to fight for his rights. Thankfully, it also shows that Peter has strong support from those who stand beside him.

Together, we’ll win justice.  But don’t rest!  History shows it will only happen after every roadblock is demolished.  Please keep support going all the way to the end.  See, and share with hashtag #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Here is the Order (and a PDF of the same.)

33247954_Page_1 33247954_Page_2


More news about Peter from his fans:

Also see this new blog coming ahead of the curve.  New World Slackers and their August book club pick, The Last Unicorn.

“UPDATE!! … Hey guys so just a couple days ago we posted our Book Club recommendation for the month of August – that being The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle. Now while we highly recommend that you read this book and the subsequent short story, we have come upon some distressing news … the author of this book Peter S. Beagle is in terrible legal battle with his manager Connor Cochran who has reportedly committed financial fraud, by cheating fans, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from movie investors along with Peter himself as well as committing physical elder abuse against Peter.”

Have you paid for Peter Beagle’s works during his lawsuit? Peter NEEDS YOU to contact his lawyer.

In Peter’s lawsuit for fraud and elder abuse against his ex manager Connor Cochran, part of the problem is that he isn’t getting paid for sales.  YOU can help to win justice.  It doesn’t matter whether you got what you paid for or got scammed like so many other victims.  If you paid, your voice is needed.

Sales from the Last Unicorn Tour, Conlan Press, and ebooks at Amazon need to be documented.  If you paid FROM DECEMBER 2015 TO THE PRESENT, please email Peter’s lawyer (with records if possible):

The judge needs proof that Peter’s works are being sold during the lawsuit.  (Sales like hardcopy books from other honest publishers like Tachyon are excepted.)

Help Peter get more support by sharing with hashtag #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Injustice – 12 years and counting.

Are you one of many victims wondering why you never got Last Unicorn Tour merchandise you paid for? Remember how Connor Cochran kept promising everything by “spring” of 2016 while taking more and more “pre-orders” (notice he removed the date)… but it just isn’t happening?

“On May 16, 2015… I purchased what was referred to as the “Bigger Better Beagle Bundle” from Conlan Press… We (the audience) were told that this “bundle” was still in the process of being published but would ship no later than January 2016… I never received an invoice either on paper or through email for this “bundle,” which was the first red flag that I had been scammed.  January came and went and there was no package shipped to my house and no communication from Conlan Press about why there may have been a delay. I have tried to contact the company numerous times but have never received a reply.” – Customer in Middletown RI – May 2016

When Cochran seized control of Peter’s career and life, fans were a target for Cochran’s predation.  Dominating Peter was the way to milk the fanbase since 2004.

In 2014 when this expose came out, the small victims were revealed first.  Our expose was the original source about “pre-sale” scams that built a pyramid of new scams on top of old ones.

He’s still making fake “pre sales” while people are still expecting to get goods they paid for 12 years ago!

We didn’t really know how bad it was – the full story was just predicted in 2014.  Confirmation has come from everywhere.  A year later, Peter’s story broke open because we peeled back Cochran’s layers of distractions that he used to hide the cheating against fans.  It took until 2016 to get headlines about Peter’s lawsuit.  That was matched by the fraud lawsuit from the Last Unicorn tour investors, and much more coming out of the woodwork.

Cochran still pretends to be the victim.  Everything was an accident and everyone else is “lying”.  It worked for just as long as he could use Peter as a false front.

For years, Cochran has been incredibly canny about manipulating victims.  He would do whatever it took to keep them separated and quiet – whether it meant sob stories that kept changing, giving people the run-around, buying them off with sweet talk, hiding and attacking their complaints, or threatening to retaliate against them personally.  No matter what tactic he uses, SPEAK OUT!

The pretense is exposed but he won’t stop.  They say possession is 9/10ths of the law… With Peter’s rights in his hands, and a movie to milk, the money is going to his lawyers to deny justice to everyone.  It’s a David and Goliath situation for small fan and elderly writer alike.

This needs People Power.  Please speak out and contact Peter’s lawyer to help.

There should be picket lines in front of any theater that would still help Cochran to push sales, without telling fans how their money is going to lawyers to attack Peter.  Some theaters have shared Peter’s story.  But one theater is helping Cochran to profit in Seattle this June.

“THE LAST UNICORN w/ Connor Cochran.  This special screening brings producer Connor Conlon to Central Cinema, including a Q&A with the one person who may know more about this film than any other breathing soul on this planet.”

(Forget THE GUY WHO WROTE IT.  With a misspelled name of a con artist who had zero to do with making the movie, do they have any clue at all?)

PAYING FOR THE MOVIE IS PAYING FOR ABUSE.  Peter’s lawsuit gives documents about how Cochran tried to get doctors to fake evidence about his health.  Cochran is still trying to use these lies to take away Peter’s rights.

Peter continues to be an active creator.  On May 28, he appeared as guest of honor at Balticon in Baltimore MD with his friend, George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones).  He has a new book coming out. He isn’t helpless – he’s wronged.

The story of Peter’s fight is being actively suppressed.  Please help bring it to light, to finally make a happier ending for Peter and everyone who deserves it.  
Support Peter so he can get back to making magic.

Connor Cochran lost lawsuit for stealing from a publisher, with thousands seized from his bank. Here’s what it means for his defense about fraud.

Connor Cochran lied to the public about the lawsuit, documented below.

The Last Unicorn fraud story has a clear right side and wrong side.  In this update, we share yet another reason not to sit on the fence. Please stand with Peter Beagle.

Stand with Peter to reduce harm. Peter isn’t being paid while sales of his work pay for Cochran’s fight. (Peter’s lawyer wants your help to document sales.)

Stand with Peter to stop delaying justice.  Cochran has long used a strategy of blowing smoke, stringing people along, and running out the clock.  If justice can’t be delayed, he misuses courts to make it prohibitively expensive to victims. Professional Litigant is a good term. (See the failed conservatorship case against Peter.)

That misbehavior is part of many legal disputes against him.  Author Jim Hines shared some of them in December 2015:

“This isn’t the first time Cochran has been sued in the publishing world.

February 2010: Baker and Taylor sued Cochran for approximately $6300 for breach of contract. Cochran’s response to this lawsuit is here, and claims he was offered other terms. However, there’s no written documentation of those alternate terms, aside from an email that, to my non-lawyer mind, is in no way a written contract.

August 2011: Sydney Clemens sued Cochran for for the return of $25,000 she invested in Cochran’s company as part of a signed 2009 agreement promising her work would be published within 12 months. Cochran did not publish Clemens’ work within that time frame.

January 2012: Penguin Group sued Cochran for approximately $3400 plus legal fees for unspecified goods from 2009 that were never paid for.”

Those cases were first publicized by Fans Against Fraud in late 2014.  That’s when Cochran posted a defense (PDF):

Cochran’s defense is gone from the site, but we archived it. He was forced to scrub it from the internet and go silent after his credibility was ruined by a series of false claims. (For example, he falsely accused a former whistleblower employee, Mike, who isn’t involved – and claimed court victory and shutting us down that never happened.) It’s unpleasant to read the whole deceptive thing, but look at this part…

Cochran’s claim about the Penguin lawsuit:

” — $3000+ unpaid bill: Penguin Group (usa) Inc v. Conlan Press Inc . More b.s. Penguin failed to process a credit card payment we made over the phone. Because of the internal confusion (possibly caused by the Random House/Penguin merger) they lost track of our payment attempt, assumed we hadn’t tried, and sued us. We pointed out that we had tendered payment, they said oops and took our company card over the phone (actually processing it this time) and dropped the suit. End of story.”

The truth was shared with Peter Beagle’s lawsuit:

Penguin Group (usa) Inc. v. Conlan Press, Inc., San Mateo Superior Court, case #CLJ511166.  Public records indicate that the plaintiff in that matter obtained a default judgment against Conlan and a writ of execution was issued in the amount of $6001.28. The judgment was finally satisfied in early 2015.

In plain words, it wasn’t paid and dropped.  He lost; they took it from his bank.

Penguin sued someone with so much guilt that he didn’t bother to answer in court.  The court judged against Cochran months before he made the above claims. They didn’t just award the original $3000, they doubled it. He thought nobody would notice and claimed it was paid and dropped. Then on 2/5/15, Cochran’s bank account was levied for $6,001.28. Soon after, he deleted

Court document filed 2/5/15
Search case CLJ511166

If you find yourself on the fence about sides of the story, please remember the deception you can see here.  There is no credibility for Cochran’s defenses about defrauding Peter Beagle and his fans.   And if you run into his smokescreen again, we recommend to be prepared with info like this: Diversion Tactics used by Highly Manipulative Narcissists and Sociopaths. That’s not an insult, it’s a sincere warning.

Thanks to all who stand with Peter.

Jim Hines shared info publicized here without linking us, avoiding too strong of a stand.  That’s completely understandable. Sharing the info accomplishes our goal and we want nothing more than fairness.  But there soon won’t be any need for delicacy.  After Cochran’s decade of cheating against fans, associates, and ultimately Peter, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Word is getting out about Peter’s recent victory against the conservatorship attempt. Other fans are spreading it much better than we could alone – with hundreds of shares for’s story (thanks for fighting the good fight, Robin.)

That led to an excellent writeup from LAST UNICORN Author Peter S Beagle Mentally OK, Heirs’ Lawyer Quits.  Again it delicately avoids linking to our publication of the court docs, but it recognizes the reason we exist:

an increasingly upset and angry fanbase.

Our greatest hope is that enough fans will stand with Peter so that we can finally end our effort and see justice for all.  Please share with hashtag #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Win for Peter Beagle: THEY LIED when they attacked his health. Conservatorship case dumped, clearing path for Elder Abuse lawsuit against Connor Cochran.

Fans Against Fraud breaks the news with exclusive court docs. (Don’t forget to contact Peter’s lawyer if you paid for his work during his lawsuit!)

When Peter Beagle sued his ex-manager Connor Cochran, the retaliation was swift. Cochran ganged up with Peter’s kids to make a greedy rights grab. They lied that Peter was senile and misled, and they filed for conservatorship. With slimy doublespeak, they pretended that they would deprive him of rights to “save” him.

Their own lawyer just dumped the case. It’s been ripped up, peed on, and set on fire.  Any credibility that Cochran could ever regain is gone up in smoke. 

Kalisa Beagle’s lawyer filed for relief from the case in Alameda Probate Court. It was her only notable filing since it opened. It includes many emails between the lawyer and Kalisa telling her to drop it because it has NO MERIT. It cites medical evidence that Peter is “fully competent,” with a professional fiduciary already employed to manage his affairs if needed – neutralizing pretense about protecting him. It guarantees that nobody will touch the sleazy case again.

*** HERE are public court docs, sans protected personal info. ***

Just think – any given lawyer has too much integrity to associate with this atrocity. Peter and his fans can thank this lawyer for being honorable and professional – which Peter’s attackers will never be.

What they wanted.

The lies about Peter’s health were severe gaslighting, calculated to control money and remove his right to sue. They would have made Peter go live with distant daughter Kalisa near Santa Cruz, and put his girlfriend out with the trash – his loyal girlfriend of 17 years, since before there was any money. They call her a gold digger because she supports Peter’s independence and stands in the way of Cochran’s total control.

One word for their plan was slavery.  One fan called it a “crime against literature.”  Without this rights grab, Peter would be living in peace, helping to make a movie, and writing as he’s always done.  Peter is sharp as a tack and that’s all he wants.

The failure is important to all victims – NOW is the time to raise the pressure! 

Cochran’s defense rested on those lies. This destroys his credibility for many other fraud allegations against him.  It also impeaches the sad few sycophants, cronies, and deniers who still see no evil about him.

Peter will win his lawsuit. Cochran will lose, but he’s making it as painful and degrading for Peter as he can in the process. It’s needless, abusive, greedy, and tragic. But not hopeless.

If you followed this site since 2014, you saw the steady unravelling of Cochran’s plans.  Every time a victim spoke out, it punched a ray of light through his tapestry of lies.  Now it dangles by a single fraying thread.

That thread is Lack of Public Awareness. YOU, the fans, have the power to speak out until the fraud collapses, so justice will come at last.

Fans speak out

New at Ripoff Report: Conlan Press Extra Deluxe Last Unicorn Book Scam.

Catch-up info for newcomers.

  • In the 2000’s, Cochran met Peter as a brilliant but downtrodden creator. Cochran promised to save him, and enticed Peter to entrust his career with him.
  • Cochran set up his Conlan Press to sell Peter’s work to fans. Cochran used Peter to seize The Last Unicorn movie from others who didn’t pay him, then took their place. He formed a sham corporation (Avicenna Development) to control Peter’s rights and work. He and Peter are equal shareholders, with all of it’s value coming unequally from Peter while Cochran benefits. Cochran and his wife took their entire living from this.
  • In 2014, we exposed Cochran’s ten-year history of “pre selling” goods he would never deliver behind all the hype about “saving” Peter. Our first post prompted investigation into suspicious facts about Avicenna, the sham corporation.
  • Peter began asking to see Avicenna’s records for where all the money went. Cochran repeatedly rebuffed him. In 2015, Peter was left with no option except to sue for his rights. The news hit fans by surprise and validated all that we said.
  • Peter’s lawsuit was validated by another from the Last Unicorn Tour investors.  They were also refused records of where their money went. Cochran wants to keep their lawsuit nice and quiet.  He won’t say a word about it in public.
  • Cochran attacked Peter’s health and retaliated against him in court.  Meanwhile, Peter isn’t getting paid while Cochran sells his work to fund the retaliation.  Many fans don’t know what they pay for – and Cochran wants this nice and quiet too.

Story hits #1 at the 93,000-strong Gamegrumps community on Reddit.

Cochran’s deceptive touring of The Last Unicorn movie without Peter recently earned major attention.  Don’t miss this top-rated witness comment:

“Conlan press has literally stolen money from me and lied about Peter’s condition in an attempt to make him seem senile and provide a convenient excuse for cancelling the tour and signings because he is now at odds with Connor. Meanwhile, Connor’s newsletter announced that they would still be moving forward with discussions to option Last Unicorn for a live-action film and a broadway musical show, likely with Connor signing all the paperwork and leaving Peter entirely in the cold. This man is an absolute snake and he needs to be brought down.” – (DomLite)

Another one: “after the long-running fight with the film’s distributors Cochran was actually using the ‘everything’s cool now’ angle to fuck Beagle over a second time.”

Back to the attack at Peter – more details.

Cochran’s persistent lying makes the story sadly complicated.  He built a fairy tale with “savior” Cochran, “helpless” Peter, and evil forces stopping his angelic service.  In his version, everyone who disputes it is lying and crazy – and he’s the victim.


Attacking and gaslighting has a flip side.  Cochran is sometimes known to lavish “nice guy” manipulation on targets.  This example from June 2016 is a desperately two-faced game to silence complaints and push “dementia” lies about Peter. Which leads to…

Pre-emptive damage control for their failed conservatorship bid.

They’re still not done with prolonging pain and delaying justice.  They’re STILL lying that they have a case, to game their way around it’s public failure:

“June 27, 2016 UPDATE:  Peter’s children have decided to withdraw their conservatorship petition. Here is their public statement on their choice”

It says “choice“, but they didn’t have one.  They were forced to abandon their case for NO MERIT as the court docs show. Be sure to compare the docs against the totally inconsistent lies about Peter’s “health problems” in Cochran’s original press release. The word for it is sociopathic.

Their press release was blasted across social media to attack Peter. Now the court docs show Kalisa begging her lawyer to hide her dirty secrets from social media. How ironic!

The super-defensive timing is full of guilt. They HATE public awareness of the wrongdoing and FEAR our expose (as Kalisa complains in the docs). Kids who care would be happy to know that their father is healthy after all – but their statement just uses Peter as a tool for damage control about themselves.

They blame lack of money. Supposedly, three children together (including Dan Beagle, a business owner) can’t afford a case that was just opened and abandoned with little action – while they press forward on others with Cochran. This ploy highlights the deceptive omission of their lawyer’s advice to drop it.

Then there’s the ploy of attacking Peter’s girlfriend.  It highlights Cochran’s nature of preying on the vulnerable.  He hopes to game the system by emotional damage and outspending a couple he kept poor. Pay close attention to this – Cochran is being an absolute chickenhawk.

Exploiting bigotry and misogyny.

What’s an old jewish man doing with a black woman?  Love should never be questioned like that.  But after failing with attacking Peter’s age and health, Cochran has little left to do but attack Peter’s girlfriend.  His previous court filings use barely-veiled hate speech that literally boils down to calling her a crazy, dirty whore.

Crazy, dirty whore attacks are loaded with coded prejudice when a vulnerable black woman is the target. Cochran filed other docs that attack her sexuality and even her origin in a poor black neighborhood, in ways that would never happen to a rich white person or a man. It’s pure libel without evidence.

Observers without greed and hate can see that Peter loves her and she stands by him.  Their own lawyer advised in the docs: “your father is committed to taking care of Peggy because he wants to and not because she is forcing the issue.”

Dear Kalisa, please stop unreasonably hurting your father.

Isn’t it sad to see a family torn apart this way? Cochran baited the kids with fancy promises of huge deals coming to him, so money might trickle down to them.  Kalisa became his disciple.  She was IP-traced to comments that attack Peter as “paranoid” for asking Cochran to show where the money went. Her petition for conservatorship was suspiciously written with language resembling someone else’s. (Look at docs here for more – their lawyer even addresses Cochran’s manipulation.)

Look at the poor judgement in Kalisa’s attack at Peter’s chosen fiduciary, as if she would be better than a licensed professional.  Her own poor financial management got her sued by The Bank Of America.  They won thousands. (search case CV166651.)

These decisions couldn’t show worse judgement. It threw away money AND relationships. First a father, then a lawyer.

The mind games and legal games are calculated to extract money from an elderly creator against his will.  The damage is beyond money.  Peter has to suffer the emotional pain and grief from having his family torn apart.

Kalisa… it was a sad mistake to choose the wrong side between Peter and Connor.  Please don’t ignore the professional advice of your lawyer.  It was never going to work.  Cochran didn’t care – he doesn’t really care about Peter OR you.

We all make mistakes, but there’s still time to do the right thing in your father’s elder years.  You still have a heart… being a teacher isn’t a heartless profession.  That’s the difference between you and a sociopath who will say or do anything to get what he wants. Please come back to your senses, and join all of us on Peter’s side.

By the way, Kalisa… Peter’s lawyer Kathleen Hunt didn’t “blast” anything over social media.  WE DID.  She has nothing to do with us.  If you try to hide guilty secrets about this, we’re going to find them and we’re going to tell everyone.  We PROMISE.  

We stand with Peter, his true fans, and all victims of fraud.  Our mission and promise: we won’t be silent until fairness is won.