Fraud story views rise – Connor Cochran scrambles to cover up.

 “They shouldn’t be selling stuff and taking your money unless the product is ready for shipment IMO. Those hundred books with the special pages and illustrations etc should have been all done before they announced they were selling them.” link

Cochran has been very upset by fan anger about 10 years of scams.  He’s had a few short days to react since this expose went public.  In private discussions, people close to him have started asking questions he can’t answer.  So far, he has responded with a liberal helping of denial – calling these numerous sources and documents “lies”.

Cochran quickly scrambled to mount a defense for fraud, and smooth things over on the fan email list.  It offers nothing new.  It’s the same old story… he can only send excuses, instead of what fans paid for these past 10 years.  

The scams continue: Cochran’s email to the Peter Beagle fan list on 12/1/14 –


…But even as extraordinary things that have been years in preparation finally come to pass (the Kubo prints, the screening tour, the prospect of a Broadway-bound Last Unicorn musical, and more)…

TRANSLATION: COCHRAN HAS BEEN GROWING HIS BUSINESS PROPERTIES TO ENRICH HIMSELF.   Peter Beagle has no ownership of Conlan Press. Quote- he is “not connected to” the publisher.  

… there are some things which are still making their way out the door. Here’s a quick update for those who are waiting:

The Last Unicorn Audiobook/ Two Hearts hardcover combo — ready to send to press just as soon as John Howe (the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit artist) finishes his final two drawings.

WE SPOKE to involved parties.  Confidential communication leaves responsibility for this old, many-times repeated excuse with Connor Cochran. More info forthcoming.

… The Special Beagle Double and Green-Eyed Boy — ready to send to press when Peter is finally satisfied with the stories in these books. (Seventeen drafts and counting, in one case. But that’s Peter. We know he’ll get there, eventually, and it will be great when he does.)

Writing Sarek — new research sources have become available which might require changes in this manuscript. We’re looking at them now to see if that’s the case…

LOOKING AT THEM NOW is the same thing Cochran said about new sources, when he promised Writing Sarek to be fully completed in 2013.  Nondelivery was blamed on a death in 2006!

Conlan Press’s expired promises – website screenshot on 12/2/14:

Screen Shot

… The Extra-Deluxe Last Unicorn hardcover with handwritten Schmendrick text by Peter and uniquely-personalized unicorn sketches by Connor — every month a few more of these go out, as Connor completes more drawings despite the demanding schedule Peter and he are on. Eventually all copies will be finished and shipped. Since each sketch is based on the buyer’s suggestion, some pictures take as much as 6-8 hours to complete. When these are done Connor will have put in more than 2000 hours of drawing time! …

Please step forward if you have seen a single copy of The Extra-Deluxe Last Unicorn.  THE LIST OF 79 CHEATED BUYERS SAYS NO SINCE 2009!  If a few copies had gone out every month as claimed, for 5 years- all of these buyers would have goods they paid for but were never produced.

… The last of the delayed 2014 Canadian Screening Tour print and book orders — all the bureaucratic tax and banking tangles that got in the way are now cleared. Many of these purchases have already been shipped, and by the end of December the rest will be. As for customers whose credit cards were never charged back in April and May, even for things they collected at the shows, we will get in touch personally to finalize all arrangements.

If you have any questions about the above, please email We’ve just added two new customer service team members to improve our email response time, and they look forward to helping you.

Buyers are complaining that they paid for goods not delivered, not “collected at the shows”.  

Is delivering goods sold in early 2014 supposed to fix scam sales that fans paid for 10 YEARS AGO, and never received?

Is adding new team members going to deliver the scam sales?  Will these workers be stiffed on wages, like those who came before, so they can be blamed when they quit?

Watch this site.  We’ve got many more documents to release.  

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