Last Unicorn Tour investors sue Connor Cochran for fraud, sending a one-two punch after Peter Beagle’s lawsuit.

Here’s the latest complaints for millions in damages: 

  • Conversion
  • breach of agreement
  • breach of fiduciary duties
  • unjust enrichment
  • fraud

And that’s just for this month! Kidding… this has really been a long time coming.

Are the lawsuits ever going to stop?  Let’s hope not. After 10 years of abusing fans for greed, it’s time to put this predator down for the count.

Details of the lawsuit by The Last Unicorn Tour investors:

  • Connor Cochran used a shell corporation as a personal piggy bank.  The funds were supposed to be scrupulously managed only for narrow purposes, but he helped himself to hundreds of thousands in his care.
  • He kept no records of how the funds were used, and refused to give accounting.  He drained them entirely until he can’t pay them back.
  • He’s still exploiting the Last Unicorn movie (and Peter’s name and work) for his own enrichment, while everyone goes empty-handed.

They’re suing Cochran for return of a $300,000 investment, interest and compensation to recover it; punitive damages for fraud; and all costs of trial.

Connor Cochran scammed people without limits, to fund a greedy fantasy of bootstrapping himself up to the Hollywood level. No scam was too big or too small.  He’d screw a fan buying a christmas present, a grandfatherly hero of fairy tale lovers, or movie investors all the same.

It was a power trip behind a front of supposed noble intentions. He loved taking credit for Peter Beagle’s work. But this newest lawsuit is evidence that he’s never even had the financial responsibility to run a popsicle stand, let alone properly manage a career.

Peter Beagle is left blameless. All of the wrongdoing has a single source.

Are you still on a wait list for Conlan Press goods? Send refund requests now, but expect things are up in smoke.  Take heart in victories of principle.

Fairness for fans is our goal.  You deserve to love and support beautiful art without predators.  Sympathy goes to everyone who didn’t know about this ugliness, and every small fan who endured years of harm without power to stop it.

PDF: Last Unicorn Tour investors sue Cochran

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5 thoughts on “Last Unicorn Tour investors sue Connor Cochran for fraud, sending a one-two punch after Peter Beagle’s lawsuit.

  1. Is there anyone he didn’t screw over? I’m sure he’ll have some awesome, amazing excuse that goes on and on and on. Good luck without books for the company. Maybe he’ll pretend someone dog ate it or a car crash burned it up or… wait, got it, it was that flood that did it. Calling it now.

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