Peter Beagle seeks an injunction to stop unlawful sale of his work – his fans don’t know the money funds the opponent he is suing.

Peter Beagle supports the call to report missing merchandise from Conlan Press and bad business practices by Connor Cochran. Take action! (More in sidebar.)

Connor Cochran is being countersued in relation to this site. Don’t believe any info about it sourced from him (all of it is.)

In 2014, Fans Against Fraud blew the whistle about Connor’s record of wrongdoing. He tried to silence it by retaliating against people he accused of involvement with this site.  It resulted in a countersuit for defamation and a firm stand about the truth.

Meanwhile, Peter Beagle is also in the process of suing him. Here’s the main story:


There have been many requests for updates about Peter. Now his official site has posted about the injunction.“If you’re a fan or supporter of Peter’s, this will give you a look at the damage being done to him.” His supporters are working to stop the damage.


Peter’s appeal to the court isn’t just to stop losing money made from his work.  It’s also about how his own work is used against him. When fans think they’re buying goods that support Peter, they’re inadvertently funding Connor’s fight to keep Peter’s rights away. It’s a perverse anti-creator situation.

The document has an exhibit from one fan who may catch your eye.  When she found out about this, it made her speak up for creator’s rights.


Conlan Press is suspended as a corporation. That’s a new detail worth noticing in Peter’s injunction, and it has to do with bad business. The suspension happened in July 2017.  However, it’s not Connor’s first suspension for failing to pay taxes or maintain proper business practices.  Peter’s lawsuit refers to a “sham corporation”, and here’s how Connor uses it: 1) As a false front to convince others (like Peter) that there’s something to invest in besides Connor’s greed.  2) When cheated people try to regain what they’re owed or promised, it makes a roadblock to stop them.  That’s why in 2012, when author Sydney Clemens sued Connor for a $25,000 investment that vanished, he reopened his suspended corporation simply to block her.

Peter’s supporters can help stop this.  Please ask others to share the news – and don’t buy anything that benefits Conlan Press and Connor Cochran (including ebooks on Amazon, and all Last Unicorn related goods.) Peter’s current publisher Tachyon is the one that actually pays him.


1) In April 2017, a Humble Bundle fundraiser for Peter (with official work from Tachyon) was paired with an appeal for help with his dire financial circumstances. It led to a more reassuring explanation on – The Trials of ‘Last Unicorn’ Author Peter S. Beagle.

2) A fan article covered “The full story of the lawsuit involving Peter S. Beagle, author of ‘The Last Unicorn.'”

3) This list of Connor’s excuses about missing merchandise (posted in 2014) was updated to cover 2005 – July 2017.

4) Connor quietly erased news on his website about planning a Last Unicorn movie tour without Peter.

5) Comic creator Colleen Doran shared news about Peter’s fight on her official page. Colleen says “the lawsuit is an absolute nightmare.” She gave insight about avoiding Connor Cochran, and experience with abusive business like this:

“…years back a publisher tried to hijack my work, and take over my entire personal and professional life. He even tried to set me up in an apartment and dictate everything about who I associated with and what I was to do at all times. I am not the only artist he pulled this on. These people just creep in and the next thing you know, the hooks are digging deep. It’s scary as hell. I am so sorry for Mr. Beagle. It was hard enough for me as a kid when I was young enough to recover, I can only imagine how it feels for an elderly man… this is a common problem for creators. Someone sort of sidles up, they just want to “help” the next thing you know, they are trying to invade your entire life. It’s happened to me 3 times now.”

It’s a worthy discussion that includes cheated Conlan Press customers talking about paying for merchandise they never received. Take a look.

Here is a reddit thread with links on a very disturbing lawsuit involving fantasy author Peter S. Beagle, creator of "…

Posted by Official Colleen Doran Fan Page on Monday, June 26, 2017

6) More fans report bad experiences with Connor Cochran:

We stand by our promise made in 2014 – we won’t be silent until fairness is won. Please stand with Peter and share his story.

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