Document: cheated Last Unicorn buyers frustrated by Conlan Press claims attrition process.

If you’ve previously seen cases of fraud, you may know how delay and denial is used to stifle claims, drain costs, and run out the clock for timely solutions.  Uncovering the story is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  It’s a forensic process of comparing many sources.  It requires asking victims to step forward.

This consumer rights campaign is calling for public input.  10 years of broken promises means it’s time for public light.  People of conscience need to call for REAL solutions to end ongoing harm.  Our goal is fairness for fans.

In Victim list of “extra deluxe” Last Unicorn book buyers, we outlined the claims attrition process used by Conlan Press to get away with fraud.  Now, we’re sharing details of how it’s done.

In the 10 year chain of broken promises, a delay and attrition process has happened over and over. It’s a consistent experience corroborated by many victims.

When buyers ask for goods, instead they get a chain of delaying excuses: Someone died, someone put their back out, an employee left, an employee was stealing, the post office lost the book, the post office lost the check, we’ll send a replacement (but it doesn’t come…)

Excusing fraud from 2004 to 2014.

At each step, Connor Cochran shifts responsibility. He puts claims off to shed more and more of them.  Each time, fewer persist. (The below claim persisted through three house moves.) The Statute of Limitations is run out to make them powerless. If a few make it through- paying them off costs a small portion of the total take.

The Better Business Bureau has a new corroborating complaint, just noticed and attached here after completion of this article:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.06.03 PM

In the chain of excuses, the common denominator is Connor Cochran.  He’d like you to believe that he’s a victim of circumstances beyond his control – but supposed coincidence after coincidence tells a different story.

Since we began reporting, new victims have come forward. One writes:

Hi, I have some tales to tell about Connor Cochran and his scam company. I ordered the Last Unicorn audiobook way back in 2005 and stuck with my order for 8 long years and 3 moves. I ate the BS he shoveled at me regarding why the CD’s never materialized and continued to be patient. So patient that when Connor personally called me to let me know about the deluxe Last Unicorn book with Peter’s extra story and a sketch to be done by Connor, I jumped at the chance to purchase it. It was 2009 when I ordered that one.  Here’s the string of emails I sent and received regarding the status of and cancellation of my orders. I did eventually get my money back for the CDs and the book, but I still have yet to get the book despite Connor telling me finishing his sketch and mailing it to me was “the least he could do” for me waiting so long.  That was last year.

Feel free to use these emails on your site.

The emails are below. This is only one case of countless others.

NOTE:  Conlan Press insiders refute claims made by “unreliable narrator” Connor Cochran in his emails.  Timing clues even indicate Connor posed as employees he then blamed.  Uncovering truth requires comparing consistently bad experiences of victims.  IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU, PLEASE STEP FORWARD.

Names are edited by request to protect identities of victims.

Connor Cochran <> 4/27/10


This is just a quick note to let you know that your LAST UNICORN comic book order shipped out yesterday from California, and is now on its way to you. Sorry about the slight delay — IDW printed the issue later than planned, so we didn’t get our shippable copies in until just last week. Thanks for supporting Peter S. Beagle’s work by shopping with us.

All best,
Connor Cohran
Conlan Press

<> 4/27/10

Excellent, thanks Connor. I was wondering if you had news about hardcover version of The Last Unicorn that I ordered late last year. Do you have an estimate of when that might be shipping? I was excited to hear the audiobooks will be coming out late this year.  Thanks!

Connor Cochran <> 4/27/10

Working on the extra deluxe TLUs. They are taking longer than I’d like, obviously, but I hope to be done with all of them before midsummer, and maybe sooner.

<> 4/27/10

Thanks very much!

Connor Cochran <> 7/30/10


Just a quick note to let you know that your current LAST UNICORN comic order shipped earlier today. I have to apologize — It would have gone out sooner, but I was away doing necessary business at Anime Expo and then Comic Con, and my part-time assistant <FirstEmployee> wasn’t able to come in to work because she threw her back out while on a family vacation. When one of us is gone, things slow down. When *both* of us are gone…well…we try not to let that happen very often. Now I’m back from Comic Con, and <FirstEmployee> is back in the office working, so shipping is once again under way. When your order arrives, please let me know by email so I can cross it off the list.

All best,

<> 9/27/10

Hi Connor,

The first issue of the comic was beautiful, but I still haven’t received the second issue.  If it went out in July then I’m afraid it must’ve gotten lost.

Connor Cochran <> 9/27/10


I’ve filed a complaint with the Post Office and they’re going to run a search. Supposedly I’ll get a report in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I’m shipping out a replacement comic to you today. Thanks for letting me know about the problem.


<> 1/25/11

Hi Connor,

I just got the newest issue of the Raven and I’m really excited to hear the bluray of The Last Unicorn is coming out! I also saw that the graphic novel of The Last Unicorn will be coming out soon. I ordered the 6 issue comic series, but I only received issues 1 and 2. Would you be able to check and see if there was a shipping problem? Also, I thought I’d ask about the status of the hardcover novel I ordered.


<> 2/14/11


I have your Extra Deluxe scheduled for sketching on the 21st. The comics are still on order as well as the Graphic Novel. Once we have them in our hands I’ll be able to give you a rough estimate for timing on shipping. We are excited about the blue ray as well! I’m not sure if you got my email about your comic order, so I’ll tell you now.

In mid-December we sent an email out to all our LAST UNICORN comic subscribers explaining the delay which had taken place with issues 3-6. (Recapping briefly: thanks to a communications problem, IDW only printed enough copies of issues 3-6 for their comic shop outlets, and none for us. They *are* reprinting the ones we need, but it is going to take a while, possibly even a few more months.)

In that email we offered everyone two options for dealing with the remainder of their subscriptions.

1) Wait for IDW to complete the reprinting, and get a special LAST UNICORN art print along with the remaining issues as thanks for their patience, or

2) Cancel the remainder of their subscription and take a signed, personalized copy of IDW’s hardcover graphic novel version instead. This hardcover (which is now shipping) contains all six issues, interviews with Peter S. Beagle and Peter Gillis, and a gallery of additional art.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard back from you about your choice. Please write or call and let me know which option you’d prefer — and if you are going with option #2, please also tell me how you would like Peter S. Beagle to personalize your copy when he signs.

You can reach me at 650-728-8098 during my normal work hours (M-F from 11 AM to 5PM, California time) or email me.

<> 2/15/11

Thanks! I look forward to seeing Connor’s drawing and reading what Peter wrote. I guess my email crossed in the mail, so I would like to cancel the comic subscription and instead get the graphic novel.

Thanks again!

<> 2/16/11


Thanks for that! I’ve updated your comic order. I look forward to sending you all of your items!

<> 3/6/12

I thought I would check in to find out the status of the hardcover version of The Last Unicorn I ordered a few years ago. Last year you mentioned it was due to be sketched around the 21st of January, which I believe was the only thing holding it up from being shipped.


<> 3/6/12

Thank you for writing.

<SecondEmployee> quit their position with Conlan Press last April in order to deal with personal matters involving a divorce. The departure was extremely abrupt. Some of the cascading problems this created are still being sorted out, so I ask your patience while I put everything on the product shipping/customer service side back together, and hire and train suitable replacements.

Meanwhile, all customer support queries should be sent directly to Or you can call the office at 650-728-8098 between 9 AM and 5 PM California time. If I’m not in (or can’t pick up), just leave a message and I’ll return your call as soon as I can.

All best,

Connor Cochran

<> 3/7/12

Thanks for contacting us about this. I apologize that you were quoted an incorrect turnaround time that Conlan press was not able to honor. We’ve had problems with former employees making promises they could not keep so I’m going to refrain from making that mistake again.

I see that the last time we spoke you mentioned that you were planning to move soon. If that has happened please let us know so we can update our database. I currently have XXXXXX as your current address.

Again, thank you for your patience.

<> 3/7/12

Thanks for getting back to me.  You’re correct, I actually just recently moved.  Here’s my new address: XXXXXX.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but can you tell me if I can expect the book this year at least? Is it possible to just forget the sketch and send me the book with what Peter wrote in it? The sketch was a cute idea, but what I really want is the book and the extra writing that Peter wrote into it. I ordered the book 3 years ago now and I’ve been patient, but, unlike the audiobook, which I’ve had on order for 7 years, the book has already been manufactured and, unless I was told incorrectly, Peter’s already done his part of the order. Would you be able to look into it and see if Peter did finish his writing and, if so, could you ship the book to me?

Thanks for your help.

<> 3/8/12

Thanks for being patient. I wanted to double check with Connor before replying to you and yes, we’re planning on completing all outstanding Deluxe Last Unicorn books and the Last Unicorn audio CDs this year. Connor thinks your sketch request is a creative one and is looking forward to finishing it. Unfortunately the agreement with these books was that they were to be released with both the hand written chapters and the sketch. Connor plans to finish his sketches as quickly as possible but if for whatever reason this does not sit well with you, you are always welcome to a full refund at any time.

Again, thank you for your patience.

<> 3/24/13

I would like to cancel my orders for the Deluxe Last Unicorn hardback and the Last Unicorn audiobook cds. Previously, I heard that I would be getting them by the end of last year, but it is now March of 2013 and according to the answer I received via the Peter Beagle handle on Twitter, there is no longer an anticipated manufacture or delivery date. I have been waiting for the audiobook since 2005. If/when it is actually manufactured I may reorder, but as of now I am asking for a full refund.

As mentioned below, I would very much like to receive the hardback book with Peter’s writings, which has been manufactured and that I have also been waiting years to receive, but as that is apparently impossible without waiting for Connor to complete his drawing, I would also like a refund for that product as well.

<> 5/5/13

Thank you,

I can only assume that <ThirdEmployee> has also quit Conlan Press as I never received a reply to the email below. Again, I would like to cancel my order for the Last Unicorn audiobook, which I have been waiting for now for 8 years. I do not know if I will reorder if/when it ever comes out.  I would also like to cancel my deluxe hardcover Last Unicorn book order unless I can get it without Connor’s art as I understand that’s the hold up on me getting it. I’ve also been waiting several years for that order.

Please issue a refund check to the following address: xxxxx

Connor Cochran <> 5/5/13

We had to terminate <ThirdEmployee> ‘s employment last October when we discovered they were stealing from the company – something which would have been difficult enough to deal with under any circumstances, but since the company operates out of our house it was particularly traumatic for my wife. Shortly after the termination I had to go to New York with Peter for a convention and other business, and the entire time I was gone she was unable to sleep properly because she was scared that <ThirdEmployee> might come back to the house to steal something else and/or commit some major act of vandalism. Because of what he did, we determined that there would be no more Conlan press employees until the company was big enough to have its own office somewhere other than where we lived. As a result I’m doing everything, which means that a short work-week for me is 80 hours, and more than once since last fall I’ve actually hit 100+.

Through all of that I have continued to finish drawings and send out books, though obviously at a reduced pace.

Thanks for writing to my email address instead of <ThirdEmployee> ‘s old one, since that account had to be closed as part of the new security measures and password changes put in place after <ThirdEmployee> was fired. I never received the 3/24/2013 email you included in your newest message. If I had, I would have responded as promptly as I am to this one.

Regarding THE LAST UNICORN audiobook, regular updates on our progress have been posted to the UPDATES page All we are waiting on is for John Howe to complete his illustrations for the TWO HEARTS book, which he says he will be sending soon (though obviously I have to wait for him to fit our drawings in around his work on THE HOBBIT movies). If you are certain you want to cancel, please confirm that you want a refund and it will be sent immediately.

Regarding the extra-deluxe LAST UNICORN, although Peter has completed his handwritten pages and the inscription on your copy, I can’t send it to you without my sketch. That’s not my call, but Peter’s: he is adamant that none of these special copies ship incomplete. Given that, please let me know if you are willing to wait a little longer or would prefer a refund now.

I do apologize for how long things are taking, but the delays are all for reasons outside my control, and I am doing my best to bring both projects to the quickest possible conclusion.

All best,

Connor Cochran

<> 5/7/13

Hi Connor, I’m very sorry to hear about <ThirdEmployee> ‘s stealing. I’m sure that must’ve been really traumatic and I’m glad he was sacked. I appreciate your getting back to me so fast. Yes, please refund me for the audiobook. As I mentioned, I may reorder once it’s manufactured and complete. I do still want the deluxe hardcover The Last Unicorn so I can wait until July, which is when I may be moving again. If I don’t have it before then, I will unfortunately have to cancel.

<> 6/3/13

Hi Connor, please see my previous email (below) and refund me for the Last Unicorn audiobook.  I will wait until July 1st for the deluxe hardcover The Last Unicorn.

<> 7/5/13

Hi, Connor, as I mentioned in my previous email, I am canceling my Last Unicorn audio book order and, as it is now July and I have still not received it, my order for the deluxe Last Unicorn hardcover with Peter’s story and your artwork.

Please send me a refund now for both items to XXXXX.

Connor Cochran <> 7/8/13

I am in Pittsburgh with Peter right now, so I can’t do anything about this until I get back home later this week. Will do so immediately on return.

<> 8/5/13

Hi Connor, has my refund been mailed?  I have not received it yet.

Connor Cochran <> 8/5/13

Mailed it, as promised, the day I got back from Pittsburgh — July 10th. If you haven’t gotten it by now then the post office has clearly mislaid it somewhere. This is not annoying, but not entirely surprising. Since I started shipping products in 2005 I’ve encountered an average USPS failure rate of around .5%, meaning that 1 in 200 things that are mailed either never show up, show up months past when they should have, or eventually show up back home in some mangled state. (I actually got one book shipment back that was literally in tattered chunks, and the pst office returned them to me in a sealed plastic bag.)

Will stop payment on the 7/10 check and send a new one today. Please note: the new check will be #2270 on the Conlan Press account. Should the original check (#2236) show up at your place someday instead of coming back to me, please tear it up.

By the way: I’m going to complete your book anyway and send it when it is done. Least I can do. And I really want to do your suggested drawing.


The Last Unicorn “Extra Deluxe” edition (sold since 2009) and audiobook (sold since 2004) have STILL not been produced at the end of 2014.

AGAIN: Conlan Press insiders refute claims made by “unreliable narrator” Connor Cochran above.  Uncovering truth requires comparing consistently bad experiences of victims.  IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU, PLEASE STEP FORWARD.  You are not powerless!

Fans of Peter S. Beagle: cheated by Conlan Press and The Last Unicorn movie tour.

“There are countless consumers who have never been given the items they ordered.

This is not an occasional failure on their part, but a way of business. They are fleecing fans, and that’s shameful”.

Better Business Bureau complaint against Conlan Press

  • “The problem is, if you buy it from Conlan Press, you might never get it. I know people who have been waiting for their purchases for /years/.” – link
  • “I am so freaking sick to my stomach with Conlan Press and the absolutely horrible business they run that it isn’t even funny. – link
  • “We waited and waited and waited, and kept corresponding, and then–nothing. I think we gave up after about a year and a half – I was really really disappointed with Conlan and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.”link
  • “I’ve been waiting 6 years for the Two Hearts Hardcover/Last Unicorn Audiobook with squat!  I’m about to blow a gasket on Connor Cochran- a no good, rotten, dirty worm who steals from people” – link
  •  “So many people have been scammed by CONnor.  Some people have honestly been waiting over 5 years and are still getting the runaround.” – link

VISIT the forum topic for more:  Was anyone else here ripped off (purchased Last Unicorn Deluxe Edition)?” 


Dear robbed customers of Conlan Press:  WE NEED HELP!  

Connor Cochran is the operater/owner of Conlan Press and manager of The Last Unicorn movie tour.  He has taken our money for many years without producing goods.  When we complain, we get no goods or refunds.  There have only been excuses that keep changing – a string of broken promises.

These titles, sold by Conlan Press and listed on their site, have been undelivered starting as early as 2004:

  • THE LAST UNICORN Audiobook — 8 CD Edition
  • THE LAST UNICORN Audiobook — MP3-on-CD Edition
  • TWO HEARTS — Collector’s Illustrated Hardcover
  • WRITING SAREK — Hardcover Edition
  • … and others …

See a list of victims. If victims buzz too loudly, Cochran blasts them for causing problems… as if these complaints aren’t harm he did to many independent sources.  Please share them and demand help NOW.

Goods are undelivered since 2004, while Connor Cochran is robbing us to make himself RICH.

In 2009, Cochran moved into a million-dollar home.  In 2011, he boasted about business expansion to Publisher’s Weekly.  In 2013, he took control of the millions-valued Last Unicorn movie for an international tour.  He boasted of a plan to spend “five million dollars” and attracting 15 million in investment.  BUT STILL NO GOODS!

His home and Conlan Press address through 2014:  897 Jordan Street, Montara, CAValue estimate:  $1,251,582 – Rent estimate: $4,366/mo

Call Connor: 650-267-9651 – – Conlan Press:  650-728-8098 or 650-563-9421

Connor Cochran is a predator hiding behind Peter S. Beagle.

Cochran is exploiting fan love for a poor, innocent writer.  Peter Beagle appears unaware of the scams done in his name, because he only wants to write, and avoids business.  Since the 1970’s, Beagle was exploited by businessmen who didn’t pay him.  In the 2000’s, Cochran fought them to take control of Beagle’s rights.  After getting them, Cochran switched exploitation from Beagle… to his fans.

Remember: Peter Beagle DOES NOT OWN Conlan Press.  Cochran does.  He constantly acts as if Beagle is in poverty, and begs us to support him. (Actually – to buy goods that support Cochran’s own expanding properties.)  He excuses non-delivery by blaming the death of Beagle’s mother… all the way back in 2006.

The excuses always play on our heartstrings, while Cochran says they come from Beagle… but Beagle tells fans seeking undelivered goods that he’s “not really connected to” the publishing house.


Cochran, on left - placing himself next to Beagle in messages to fans
Cochran on left – placing himself on Beagle’s level in his messages to the fan email list.

It gets worse:  Cochran’s partner is disgraced ex-lawyer Charles Petit, who scammed $10,000 from the estate of John Steinbeck.

Cochran is aided by disgraced former lawyer, Charles E. Petit.  Petit lost his license for ripping off $10,000 from the estate of John Steinbeck. An unlicensed lawyer is not allowed to give legal services.

Petit is , and   He’s named here as attorney for Peter Beagle.  This site holds official Conlan Press legal documents signed by Petit.  In 2013, 6 years after his license was lost, Petit forced a Last Unicorn fan site to remove contents “after 17 years on the web” with a DMCA Takedown Request that he issued on behalf of Cochran’s Avicenna Development corporation.

Cochran has been sued for scamming publishers and authors:

Cochran formed multiple corporations in 2008 to hide his activities:

  • Connor Cochran Inc. is listed as suspended by the CA Secretary of State (do a name lookup.)
  • Avicenna Development is suspended but still used for business.
  • Conlan Press is active with the CA Secretary of State.

Smokescreen of employee abuse:

Cochran ripped off over $10,000 in unpaid wages from a worker. They were consulted for this report.  The Conlan Press insider shares this description of Cochran:

  • “Makes promises to everyone that he has no intention of keeping: sales, pay”
  • “Used money gained for Peter to do things: go out to eat, take trips”
  • “Claims to be what he is not: there to help Peter, generate income for Peter”
  • “Refuses real solutions to his problems for organization, time management, aid in completion of projects.”

This site holds private email documents where Cochran blames multiple workers for mismanaging his business. It’s a convenient excuse to hide his own abuse of workers and buyers.  He even sent email posing as former employees.  The common denominator in the excuses is Connor Cochran.  

Is Cochran in the business of taking estates from elderly authors?

Conlan Press “has the time and resources to add authors to its list, authors much like Beagle, acclaimed writers with past commercial success who have been ‘abandoned by their publishers and agents as they got older.’”  – Publisher’s Weekly –   (There was time to increase Cochran’s properties – but NOT TO DELIVER GOODS!)

  • Parke Godwin “was placed in a close care facility in 2012 due to a decline in his long- and short-term memory. He died in 2013.”   Cochran: “I’m handling most things for him… and we’re taking the steps necessary to get me appointed as his guardian and conservator.”Weird Tales magazine, 8/15/12 – see also here
  • Edgar Pangborn “became particularly close to Peter S. Beagle.  Edgar’s sole heir, his older sister Mary… bequeathed the entire Pangborn estate to him.”wikipedia
  • Conlan Press authors: wikipedia

Cochran’s most recent property gain: The Last Unicorn movie tour

The movie is reaping money for Cochran on tour from 2013-2016.  He said on 7/26/13:

“Something absolutely astonishing happened yesterday. Because of how well LAST UNICORN screening tour plans are coming together, ITV just gave complete authority over worldwide theatrical distribution for THE LAST UNICORN to our team. This is definitely an “only in the internet age” story, and I can’t think of any other film of equivalent stature that is being handled in remotely the same way.”

Read some of Cochran’s lies to excuse fraud:

On 8/5/11, Cochran sent email to the Peter Beagle fan list with one of many excuses that failed to materialize:

 “GOOD NEWS DELAYED PRODUCTS UPDATE:  Nearly all of them will be done and shipped by the end of the year. Those that aren’t will be at the printing plant and on their way for shipping in early 2012.” – They’re still not delivered in 2014.

Conlan Press maintains a web listing of sold but undelivered items.  Delivery dates have changed over many years, with new excuses each time it’s updated.  Cochran promises angry customers that they will always be informed about their missing goods there… but in 2014, it only has a failed promise of 2013 delivery for products sold as long as 10 years ago.  Complaints are still being referred to a long-expired excuse.

In late 2014, the Conlan Press "News" page. Since 2006, "unexpected turns of events".
In late 2014, the Conlan Press “News” page. Since 2004, “unexpected turns of events”.
Excusing fraud from 2006 to 2014.
Excusing fraud from 2004 to 2014.

Demand solutions NOW from Connor Cochran.  BEWARE of Conlan Press. 

Please spread this report among fans, to protect each other – and writers!

After years of broken promises, it’s time for pressure to demand accountability  – and refunds to every deceived customer.

File a complaint with the Attorney General:  Link

Document abuse on Ripoff Report:  Link

Report your story:


WHY HELP? Cochran’s “Last Unicorn Tour” website gives a look at new and future fraud against fans:

(Site comment screenshot:)

Dominique Audet Benoit November 10, 2014 at 9:45 am

Hi, I came to see the show when you came in Montreal, Quebec in may last summer and I bought one of the prints after the show. A while after I read that you were having trouble with shipping and customs and that the merchandise would be delayed. I was wondering how is the situation with all that and if I can expect to receive the print soon.

  • Connor Cochran November 22, 2014 at 11:16 am

    It was an incredible bureaucratic tangle that is still being cleaned up, but I expect to have everyone’s prints out to them before the end of the year. (We learned a lot from what happened, which thankfully means we should be able to prevent it from ever happening again.)

Never again?  Late 2014 website update: