Have you paid for Peter Beagle’s works during his lawsuit? Peter NEEDS YOU to contact his lawyer.

In Peter’s lawsuit for fraud and elder abuse against his ex manager Connor Cochran, part of the problem is that he isn’t getting paid for sales.  YOU can help to win justice.  It doesn’t matter whether you got what you paid for or got scammed like so many other victims.  If you paid, your voice is needed.

Sales from the Last Unicorn Tour, Conlan Press, and ebooks at Amazon need to be documented.  If you paid FROM DECEMBER 2015 TO THE PRESENT, please email Peter’s lawyer (with records if possible): kathleenhunt@uniquelaw.com

The judge needs proof that Peter’s works are being sold during the lawsuit.  (Sales like hardcopy books from other honest publishers like Tachyon are excepted.)

Help Peter get more support by sharing with hashtag #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Injustice – 12 years and counting.

Are you one of many victims wondering why you never got Last Unicorn Tour merchandise you paid for? Remember how Connor Cochran kept promising everything by “spring” of 2016 while taking more and more “pre-orders” (notice he removed the date)… but it just isn’t happening?

“On May 16, 2015… I purchased what was referred to as the “Bigger Better Beagle Bundle” from Conlan Press… We (the audience) were told that this “bundle” was still in the process of being published but would ship no later than January 2016… I never received an invoice either on paper or through email for this “bundle,” which was the first red flag that I had been scammed.  January came and went and there was no package shipped to my house and no communication from Conlan Press about why there may have been a delay. I have tried to contact the company numerous times but have never received a reply.” – Customer in Middletown RI – May 2016

When Cochran seized control of Peter’s career and life, fans were a target for Cochran’s predation.  Dominating Peter was the way to milk the fanbase since 2004.

In 2014 when this expose came out, the small victims were revealed first.  Our expose was the original source about “pre-sale” scams that built a pyramid of new scams on top of old ones.

He’s still making fake “pre sales” while people are still expecting to get goods they paid for 12 years ago!

We didn’t really know how bad it was – the full story was just predicted in 2014.  Confirmation has come from everywhere.  A year later, Peter’s story broke open because we peeled back Cochran’s layers of distractions that he used to hide the cheating against fans.  It took until 2016 to get headlines about Peter’s lawsuit.  That was matched by the fraud lawsuit from the Last Unicorn tour investors, and much more coming out of the woodwork.

Cochran still pretends to be the victim.  Everything was an accident and everyone else is “lying”.  It worked for just as long as he could use Peter as a false front.

For years, Cochran has been incredibly canny about manipulating victims.  He would do whatever it took to keep them separated and quiet – whether it meant sob stories that kept changing, giving people the run-around, buying them off with sweet talk, hiding and attacking their complaints, or threatening to retaliate against them personally.  No matter what tactic he uses, SPEAK OUT!

The pretense is exposed but he won’t stop.  They say possession is 9/10ths of the law… With Peter’s rights in his hands, and a movie to milk, the money is going to his lawyers to deny justice to everyone.  It’s a David and Goliath situation for small fan and elderly writer alike.

This needs People Power.  Please speak out and contact Peter’s lawyer to help.

There should be picket lines in front of any theater that would still help Cochran to push sales, without telling fans how their money is going to lawyers to attack Peter.  Some theaters have shared Peter’s story.  But one theater is helping Cochran to profit in Seattle this June.

“THE LAST UNICORN w/ Connor Cochran.  This special screening brings producer Connor Conlon to Central Cinema, including a Q&A with the one person who may know more about this film than any other breathing soul on this planet.”

(Forget THE GUY WHO WROTE IT.  With a misspelled name of a con artist who had zero to do with making the movie, do they have any clue at all?)

PAYING FOR THE MOVIE IS PAYING FOR ABUSE.  Peter’s lawsuit gives documents about how Cochran tried to get doctors to fake evidence about his health.  Cochran is still trying to use these lies to take away Peter’s rights.

Peter continues to be an active creator.  On May 28, he appeared as guest of honor at Balticon in Baltimore MD with his friend, George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones).  He has a new book coming out. He isn’t helpless – he’s wronged.

The story of Peter’s fight is being actively suppressed.  Please help bring it to light, to finally make a happier ending for Peter and everyone who deserves it.  
Support Peter so he can get back to making magic.

18 thoughts on “Have you paid for Peter Beagle’s works during his lawsuit? Peter NEEDS YOU to contact his lawyer.

    • Hey Jolt, if you got screwed – like so many in Canada who got that amazingly convenient yet garbled excuse about taxes or payment processing or whatever – you could be SOL because of jurisdiction. EVEN SO you can do a lot to stop this creep from preying on unwitting scam victims in the future.

      Look up who does consumer protection with your local/provincial/national bureaus, and file a report with them. Even if they can’t go collect, he won’t get back across the border. Do more research but I found the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center who can take a report. http://www.consumerinformation.ca/eic/site/032.nsf/eng/00044.html

      You should do the same with the Washington Attorney General and other US agencies that this site listed under “CALL FOR INVESTIGATION” on the right side. Being Canadian shouldn’t stop them from collecting a file to go after this scumbag.

      Don’t forget to put your complaints on public record – it went on for so long because everyone just felt helpless, until it came out how much this was happening. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/conlan%20press

      • Hello Kevin,

        I actually was pretty lucky that I didn’t get screwed. I have bought one item from Conlan Press, way back in maybe 2010 that took months to get – which was a personalized signed copy of the new cover of TLU, which I assumed took awhile due to Peter’s con signings.

        However! I do want to help when I can, so when I saw “YOU can help to win justice. It doesn’t matter whether you got what you paid for or got scammed like so many other victims. If you paid, your voice is needed”, I thought I could contribute. I did go to a showing of TLU in Canada in 2014 and purchased a few things at the table and thought documenting this would help, but if they aren’t counting anything from the 2014 Canadian Tour, or anything before 2015, then there is no need to e-mail his lawyer.

  1. Why anyone would choose to have any kind of business relationship with this guy these days is beyond me.

  2. I’d ordered a copy of the “Lost” version of The Last Unicorn on Conlan Press on December 9th, but was saddened when I realized there was no legal evidence I could give. My account has been wiped clean. Aside from the promotional $10 in store credit that I had received for PURCHASING THAT ITEM, the website has kept no history of my orders– be they ongoing or completed. A smart move on Cochroach’s part, but unfortunately all I could send Kathleen was my now useless order number and the PDF copies I’d received, which are still dated as Dec. 9th files. I hope it can do some good.

    • Also was able to send her a PDF document of my December purchases from Paypal. The PDF confirms that I made a payment to Conlan Press, so hope is not lost!

    • I used PayPal in October 2015. I had trouble with colon press web site so I contacted him directly. We spoke for near an hour. He fixed the issue with the site and my “preferred status” due to signing up at a local viewing.( I met Peter, what a dream!) and so I have access to my order info, my paypal statement as well.
      I’ve contacted the lawyer today. We shall see where this goes. I hope all gets right. Peter deserves rest not chaos.
      On another note, why not try contacting Conlon Press directly and discussing your order with him. No need to tell him what your doing with the info. If he thinks your unaware, I’m sure he will be glad to get you all ironed out so you ” can spend more money”. Once he does, you have what you need in your case.

    • Did you get an email confirmation?
      Because I did and it confirms the order and payment. I just fwd it to his laywer.

  3. I literally JUST bought a copy of the movie on itunes before I found out about this. Cockran has a LOT to answer to.

  4. I see you didn’t mention the presale of Two Hearts, the sequel to The Last Unicorn. I now have no doubt that the money I paid over 10 years ago was wasted. I have asked for a refund several times and have been ignored.

  5. I still have my 2005 order receipt for $42.68 for THE LAST UNICORN — Unabridged Audiobook, CD Edition (never received). Would that be helpful?

  6. I also have an email invoice from 2005 for the Last Unicorn audiobook that never shipped. I’ve suspected this guy was shady for the past decade, I’m glad someone is finally taking action against him.

  7. Well i wish i knew about this article sooner since that was my tweet LOL. Sent the link off to my bf so he can’t forward the e-mails and such. Hopefully its not too late.

  8. Everyone who is still owed refunds or merchandise from Connor Cochran should email their stories to Peter’s lawyer. I think it can only strengthen Peter’s case if his lawyer has a stack of evidence that shows Cochran has a longstanding pattern of shady dirtbag behaviour towards individuals who ordered from Conlan Press and never got what they paid for.

  9. Years ago I bought a special edition copy of The Last Unicorn from Conlan Press. It was supposed to be a signed edition, with a personal drawing or story or something about a ninja unicorn. I was so excited about it, I’d loved the story since I was a little girl and Peter Beagle was one of my favorite authors!

    I never got it. I sent emails. I waited. I was patient. But nope, never got it. Never got a refund, either.

    I have no proof of this. It was 5 years ago, I think. I don’t even have the bank account I paid for it with anymore. So…yeah. That happened.

  10. christin – chances are your name is on that list of people waiting for their signed deluxe last unicorn books that Connor broadcast over the years. I always thought it was creepy and unprofessional that a company would broadcast that information without their customer’s consent, it’s not like people are buying porn or anything, but maybe people just don’t want the entire internet to know their buying habits. What other kind of real company does that? But now it’s become something else, a list of people that Connor has ripped off and refused to give them what they paid for. Add that to the list of embarrassment, loss, and damage that people have suffered at the hands of Connor and Conlan Press.

  11. I’ve been waiting since 7/6/06, over 12 years for the rest of my order –

    THE LAST UNICORN — Autographed Trade Paperback
    Personalization: To Anne – This was delivered

    Still waiting for these –
    THE LAST UNICORN — Unabridged Audiobook, CD Edition
    8-CD Audiobook Personalization: To Anne
    TWO HEARTS Personalization: To Anne
    Two Hearts – Special Sequel to THE LAST UNICORN

    Would contact Conlan Press every time a newsletter was in my email always asking when the rest of the original order would be shipped. All I have ever received from Connor/Conlan Press are excuses. I kept each and every email from all the various employees.

    About 2 years ago I received a phone call from Connor himself. What a talker! He blamed everything on Peter. Same old excuses but he offered to send me a print of my choice from the website and a few movie stills. Fine and dandy but still not what I paid for!

    • And this is why I never called him. I emailed the Conlan Press when “someone else” took over and he responded saying I should call him. I think I’ve been waiting since 2004 or 2005. I’m glad I got the mp3 and not the CD edition.

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