Fans manipulated by Connor Cochran: he’s calling them to oppose this fraud expose – but they’re supporting it instead.

WELCOME, new readers and previous victims who are just learning the extent of fraud and abuse by Connor Cochran and Conlan Press. We’re on your side.

Cochran is very fearful of this expose, and about engaging the evidence it documents.  His “rebuttals” were forced down from the Conlan Press website because they were too deceptive to keep in public view.  He has made many claims about having this site shut down.  As you can see, he lied every time.

Denial hasn’t worked.  Public spin has confirmed dishonesty.  Peter Beagle has abandoned him as a shield and brought much wider publicity about the fraud.  

Now Cochran is desperately manipulating customers personally.  He’s sticking to private phone calls, and avoiding written documents.  It helps him to stay evasive, dodge facts and misuse emotional ploys. 

Here’s what the manipulation looks like – and how it’s backfiring.  This expose is convincing his targets, and winning their support for truth and fairness.


I was directed to this website by Connor Cochran of Conlan Press, who suggested that I look at it. This was a phone call from him back in November 2015, and I was asked to make a rebuttal to comments against him and his company.

Here’s my story:

I had attended a Last Unicorn event and had enjoyed it very much. I followed the tour on Facebook for updates, and I became aware of Conlan Press. I fancied a piece of art on that site, and decided to buy it–this was mid-Oct 2015. I paid for the item and shipping cost, immediately debited from my bank account.

I became worried that the package had been lost by the post office in November. The standard delivery time is two weeks in the United States. I was also planning to relocate, so I contacted Conlan Press via email. I received no response. Near the end of November, I remembered the order and contacted Conlan Press again, explaining that this was my second message and to contact me via phone or email.  I believe it was that night I got a phone call.

He introduced himself as Connor and was a very polite, friendly man. I remembered him from the event. He’s very, very talkative. I had expected a customer service rep or volunteer to call and was surprised to learn that he alone was running the show. This was his reason for running behind in shipment. (Why continue to accept money for items when you are that far behind? Or why not get help selling them?)

He explained that author Peter Beagle had been giving him some trouble due to a decline in his mental stability. He also told me that an online stalker had been spreading lies about him and had asked me to rebut any negative comments. He suggested that I check out He also insisted that I would receive my order within the week.

Honestly, when I hung up, I had felt really guilty for bothering him about a silly print while he, Peter, and his family were going through hell.  I decided to check out “Fans Against Fraud” to defend Connor against the rants of an online stalker. But then I actually read this website, which I found wasn’t just endless ranting from one entity, but a collection of reviews from customers who had a similar experience to myself. And why would I rebut anything when I had yet to receive my item?

Of course, it wasn’t until December that I received it. During which, I had learned, Peter was pressing charges against his business manager….

I wouldn’t order anything from that store again. It isn’t exactly :P”

The customer read more evidence, commented on a post, and sent followup:

“At the event, folks were giving Connor the “side eye” because he was holding up the line to meet Peter with his non-stop rambling. I remember thinking “This guy doesn’t talk *to* people, or talk *with* people, he talks *at* them with endless monologues.” But, at the time, I didn’t think him a con, but, rather, a bit crazy and dominating (Peter hardly got a word in).

Connor exhibited that same behavior when I spoke to him over the phone. He wants to talk forever and it’s hard to hang up with him. It’s difficult to recall everything he said to me, but I did comment on your website about the “make Peter a rich man” bit, because it struck me, even when I was believing his story, I had a major pause when he said that, because 1) It’s tacky to bring up an artist’s financial goals to fans of their art, and 2) The numbers of years he said the film, musical, etc would take puts Peter too far into his senior years.

I have a special loathing for cons who prey on the elderly. Not to mention bully and manipulate them, and to try to isolate them from friends and family. Nothing lower, so you bet I’ll keep an eye on the site.

Connor tried to scam me.  Kudos on the site–very thorough and well documented.”

SUPPORT PETER BEAGLE at the official site for his legal fight.  Complain to the California Attorney General and the Washington Attorney General. Report suspicious financial activity to the IRS.  Report Federal Mail Fraud to the US Post.  Document abuse at Ripoff Report, and send your story to

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