Bleeding Cool update: empty threats and backpedaling defense from Conlan Press.

Our cause for consumer rights is blowing up!  Thank you, Bleeding Cool and Rich Johnston.  Update:

Full Refunds Offered Over Last Unicorn Lateness, Cochran To Sue Mike Bolger.

Believe it when you see it!  Let’s do a reality check: Conlan Press and Connor Cochran have a long history of refund promises that never happen.  Promised checks never arrive.  A small portion of customers put through the wringer of their claims attrition process have spent far more effort than a refund is worth to secure one.  So what does a promise mean?  As much as all the ones that came before it.

When Connor Cochran puts his money where his mouth is, countless customers have gone empty-handed.    

Bleeding Cool’s forum reacts:

Bleeding Cool often serves the community through its posts – by spotlighting indies, gender-crunching, noting charity opportunities and so forth – but outing people when they try to take advantage of others is my personal favorite, avid justice-porn lover that I am. Good on you again, Rich.

Deepest gratitude from us as well, Rich.  You’re a hero.  Without your help, and without this info coming out… every cheated fan would be isolated and powerless, thinking they were the only ones who paid for goods never received for 10 years.

It’s so encouraging to see Cochran FINALLY having to answer to the history of abuse.

Know this: Cochran’s public statement isn’t an honest action.  It’s a reaction to being Called Out.  It’s been forced out of him through public demand for fairness.  If he could have gotten away with it, he wouldn’t have said a thing at all.  Countless customers would have been left damaged. 

He’s on the defense now.  And man, does he have a lot to answer for.  Don’t forget the real reason for defense when you read this.  (Update: it is now heavily edited to remove a litany of abuse against innocent bystanders- but we’ve got it all screenshot.)

Connor Cochran shovels out another pile of bullshit about the scandal he caused.

Oh, Connor!  Outing your abuse certainly struck a nerve, didn’t it?

Readers: are you waiting for a response?  We’ve got the perfect one.  Later, when events have run their course, you can look back and nod:


You don’t know it yet, but you will.  This moment is one for the highlights reel.

Let’s cut through the bullshit. Here’s a bottom line fact:

Despite Connor Cochran’s cockiness about courts… if you see this site live, he doesn’t have a thing to do about it.  If he can’t get this site taken down, take it as a firm clue that Connor Cochran is lying.  This site reveals the truth of the scandal he caused.  We won’t be silent until fairness is won.  We PROMISE.

Them’s fightin’ words!

But let’s emphasize:  YES, we really ARE about fairness.

Our goals:

1) Every cheated customer is owed what they paid for, or a full refund.  NOW.  Not bait-and-switch.  Not digital download instead of manufactured goods.  Not another 10-year chain of broken promises.

2) Conlan Press owes full, transparent accounting to every cheated customer.  Come clean about who was cheated and how, and how it’s repairing damage done for 10 years.  Not a promise – an accounting.

3) It must not happen again. NO fake pre-sales of goods that won’t exist.

It’s not an easy task to expose a story that’s been suppressed and is crying for fair resolution. We ARE fans and do-it-yourselfers.  We aren’t professional muckrakers, or bringing “astroturf” support.  That’s the situation when David stands up to the Goliath of a connected business owner, power abuser, and bully.

Abuse caused by Conlan Press is their responsibility.  We aren’t afraid to publish the truth about it.  It’s far past time for fairness.  That’s what this site represents, as long as it’s live.

More info soon.



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